The longest embroidery in the world

The longest embroidery in the world

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I occasionally get emails about the length of my band sampler asking if it would make the Guinness book of records. It would not, as the UK Embroiderers’ guild hold the record. You can read about it here

“With the help of over 7,000 participants of all ages and abilities from all over the world, the Embroiderers’ Guild are proud to announce that they have set a new Guinness World Record for stitching the “longest embroidery” at 605.55 metres (1,986.77 feet).”

With 7,000 people stitching it certainly is an amazing community based project. I find it interesting that the Longest embroidery in the World is hand stitched and not an individualistic project but something a group of people did together.


  1. Ruth it does not really worry me at all. In fact I would not have thought of it if I had not been asked as I am not competitive in that sense. I just wanted to say that although my band sampler is long it is a baby in comparison with other pieces

    Sharon B
  2. It doesn’t seem fair that a group project is judged on the same basis as an individual one – you’ve done all the work yourself, while for the EG embroidery, everyone will just have done a little bit. They ought to be in two separate categories, and then your band sampler would get its proper recognition.

  3. I took part and embroidered on the longest piece of embroidery, it was 5 years ago and my 10 year old daughter did her bit too – her piece is the "girl" in the photo on the EG website! At 15 embroidery isn’t cool, but I’m sure she’ll return in the future.
    best wishes

    Garnered Stitches

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