For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 119

For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 119

This band of stitching is created by working three lines of  herringbone stitch, each on top of the other. 


Three different types of cotton, each hand dyed by me and about the same weight and thickness as perle  #8.


This section of my sampler is worked on cream  dress linen


Procion cold water dyes for the threads.


All samples are 15 cm (6 inches) wide and stitched together in one long band sampler.

The sampler is currently 44 ft 5 inches or 533 inches (1353.83 centimetres) or 14.8 yards  (13.53 metres) long and still being added to.


I started this sampler in 2004 and completed it early  2005.

Sampler FAQ
For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ.

All posts in the series are in the category  the Love of Stitching Band Sampler.


  1. Just have to thank you for inspiring me with this series of posts on Love of Stitching Sampler. I’m a needlepointer who is studying Moroccan rugs and adapting them to needlepoint. I’ve decided to take your idea and adapt it to my project. I’ve started a sampler with all the motifs I’ve used in my little rugs so I have easy access to all of them as I design new pillows and rugs. Super idea!


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