Work in Progress Wednesday: a new quilt!

Work in Progress Wednesday: a new quilt!

It’s about time I instituted my work in progress reports again. They are a useful tool to make me focus on what has been done in the past week.

My first work in progress report for the year consists of new quilt I have started.

I have just finished piecing these strips which after embroidery will go together to form a quilt. This quilt I am going to call “the ribbon quilt” because it is made up of a number of long strips. I have created a category for it and people can trace its progress that way if they choose.

As you can see the pieces have both straight and curved seams. I aim to embroider all the horizontal seams but leave the long vertical seams  free of embellishment so they form a hard edge in the design. I plan to add more lace and encrust the stitching. Once the quilt is assembled, and has a border, hopefully it will be quite dramatic. Of course I am talking about hand embroidery so it will take some time to work.

I plan on rotating two big projects.  This little pile looks modest, but it is in fact half the number of 7 inch blocks which will make up another quilt.

Once again they are a mix of straight and curved seams, they use a lot of lace as a result of this wonderful gift from Margaret.

I am trying something slightly different with the colour scheme as I am aiming for soft Victorian colours – not just pastels but interesting muted tones. I am not aiming for sickly sweet pastel colours but what I have here looks a little dull in the photograph. They are not I assure you, as they are quite rich in a subtle manner. So this quilt is something different for me.

I have made about half of the blocks I require and have come to realise that the lace Margaret gave me, combined with gifts like this one from Marilyn and my hoard will be enough for 3 if not 4 large crazy quilts.

For the moment these are going to be my two main projects – both are slow cloths and I hope they will make an interesting journey.

The last thing I have is a finish.

I needed a large tote. I was using a big green recycling bag. Aussies will know the sort of bag I mean, they are available in supermarkets for groceries and intended to be used instead of plastic bags. I have oodles of them as they are so handy.They have a very wide base. It seams to me all sorts of things just fit in them neatly. From books to cameras, to sketch books and art gear, including shoes! I found I was using this type of bag as tote. I decided to make my own bag out of recycled jeans.

It has oodles and oodles of pockets and very wide base. I should have lined the bag up on the grid but you can see how wide it is from this side view.

I lined it with denim too and made sure there was lots of pockets. I took it to the Embroiderer’s Guild on Monday and I have feeling it’s going to become my regular bag!


  1. your quilt is going to be wonderful.
    but this time I love your jeans bag most, it is the most beautiful jeansbag I have seen ever. Thank you so much for sharing your idea! I will try to make a similar one for myself, I have already collected a lot of old jeans.
    I love your blog and I am reading it regularly. you are a great artist!
    And I always appreciate all the links you are giving us!
    Best wishes from Austria and please excuse my poor English!

  2. Hi Shelly great to hear you are starting crazy quilting – the main thing is to have fun with CQ. Usually seams are covered with stitching that is why I mentioned that I was not going to stitch the long vertical seams on this quilt. But Crazy quilting has no rules so its not being so rebellious!

    Sharon B
  3. Oooooh Sharon, I love the colours in your ribbon quilt! I am embarking on a journey CQ wall hanging and have just this afternoon been wondering (though that stage is a long way off for me) whether to stitch the joins when you are talking about the exact same thing on your blog. This will be the first time I have ever pieced together any CQ blocks so it could well be a huge learning curve in which I might be using the search button here often!

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