Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Last Wednesday I was very good and reported a finished block for my lace quilt. This Wednesday I have a pile of dyed threads to show you. That’s it!

That is what I have been doing but I was considerably slowed down because we have had rain. The most rain since 2002. So I have had a few days dancing around with a hair dryer in my hand trying to speed up drying time!  

This batch of threads has some experimental yarns in it. Fibers like bamboo, tencel and interesting mixes like 50/50 wool /silk. They have taken the dye well (I used procions) but I have yet to see how they stitch up. 

Anyway that is my work in progress report for this Wednesday!

Added later: Just to clarify – I am really happy about the rain. I have been bucketing recycled washing machine water to our garden for years (that is no exaggeration) just to keep it alive. This year I had to let the magnolia die as it needed too much water. Rain is Gooooooood! Rain is woooonderfoooool!I am dancing about the rain! 


  1. Rain is something I sympathise with. We’ve been here almost 6 months now, and I swear it’s been raining for almost 4 of them! Heavy rain all this big public holiday week!.=( People think it rains a lot in Britain, but I’ve never seen anything like this and, boy, is it depressing!?

    Here’s hoping for sun for us both soon!=)

  2. Ooooh! Pretty! I also have a bunch of new threads drying next to my woodstove as I read this. All of your beautiful colors make me eager to get started adding color to mine! I haven’t done much thread/yarn dyeing yet so this will be a new adventure for me.

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