Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop tutorials

screenshot of websiteThis list of 40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials is worth browsing and doing some of the free tuts!

I realise only a percentage of my readers have and use Photoshop. An even greater percentage of readers have Photoshop but do not use it because they find it too difficult.  I could not resist posting this link, particularly for those readers that would like to improve their digital skills.

This list is really worth bookmarking, and in your quiet times returning an working through the tutorials one by one. Anyone who did this would learn a lot.

Feedback wanted:

Can I have feedback on how many people are interested in links like this? I often encounter both beginner and more advanced photo manipulation links, graphics resource sites, links for drawing packages like illustrator etc.

I was wondering as more and more textiles and fiber folks are using a graphics package as a design tool are people interested in resources like this being added as a regular feature? By regular I mean as maximum once a week but more likely to be twice a month. I do not mean a total change of topic. I have always posted links to resources online for manipulating graphics. So, I am suggesting  increasing this type of information slightly (or even more if I get a resounding response to it) and asking how readers feel about the idea.

If you have time leave a comment  and let me know. I would appreciate knowing.


  1. Yes please, I am always interested in learning more about using graphics programs for textiles. I use PaintShopPro – Photoshop far too expensive for me – but ideas can often transfer.

    ps thanks for the mention in your blog roundup.

  2. Such picture manipulation links are a god given. Thank you. No matter how many classes I attend, they only teach what you can learn by ourselves using the help option. So I have given up shelling out money for classes

  3. Hi! I am really interested in this kind of posts too (I am studying textile design at the moment and we use both Photoshop and Illustrator). This is something I like of your blog, it is very inspirational and also gives lots of practical information.

  4. Wow! Thanks for this. I have used my old PhotoDeluxe (an old pared down version of PS) for years, but my my old computer died and I upgraded to Windows 7, it was no longer compatible. :^( I dl GIMP, which is supposed to be like PS, but it’s so complicated. I looked at your list and will see if any of it helps, but I also found a bunch of tutorials on the same site for GIMP. Between the 2 lists I should be able to play with graphics again.
    Thanks again!

  5. I’ve tried GIMP but decided to look at Photoshop simply because there are more tutorials available. I spent some time evaluating both Elements and CS4 to see whether the extra money was worth spending and decided that it was.

    So for me, more links like this would be appreciated.

  6. I love tutorials and want to learn to use photo manipulation tools in my textile design work. I would appreciate links that help me learn GIMP and Inkscape as these free programs work better with my economic realities :-). Thanks, Sharon.

  7. I liked all the links to the tutorials you give………it is as if i get whatever i need in one place that is at Pin Tangle……photoshop is the best link…….have to go through it in my spare time….

  8. I love all the tutorials you share with us so generously. I still return to Color Palette Generator and some of the other free programs you’ve tried and recommended. I eagerly await each new listing of blogs by letter of the alphabet. Your blog is a treasure of riches for us. Thank you.

  9. Sharon,
    I’m quite familiar with Photoshop’s abilities, but I’m always open to learning new stuff. Yes, I’d like to see more links to Photoshop tutorials. I’ve had to put my embellished crazy quilting aside temporarily. I’m home rehabilitating from complete knee replacement surgery. I’ve gone back to knitting while I watch tv and heal.

    Caroline (Carolina)
  10. i appriciate all your links – thank you so much! your work enables me to get known of a lot of things I would never find without your help.
    and this link encourages me to work with my photoshop!
    best wishes to you from Austria!

  11. Sharon
    You always find such interesting stuff that I would be very happy to see the occasional additional reference. At the moment I’m looking for a vector drawing package, rather than image manipulation as such, and I usually use the GIMP anyway, but links to tutorials are always useful!

  12. I love this type of link. I did not grow up in the computer age so I need all the help I can get. Ther is so much info out there mut I do not really know how to access it.
    Please keep up the good work.
    P.S. I just started sumptous serfaces and it is great as ususal

    Elaine K. Brown
  13. Thanks for the feedback because I always feel that many people do not use graphics programs but wonder if including the topic in my usual round of ‘this is interesting’ is perhaps inappropriate or ‘off topic’. So I with the encouragement of the folks above I will include a bit more material like this !

    Sharon B
  14. I do lots of graphics manipulation with PaintShop Pro (love it). Was at the thrift store today and picked up an unopened software and manual for Photoshop for $5.00. So you post was very timely. I love this type of link. You are my biggest source of what’s interesting on line! Thank you! Bev

  15. Hi Sharon!

    I only have Photoshop Elements 2.2 and couldn’t afford the full package or an update. However, I only use a small part of what’s available even in this version and it would be nice to explore it more fully. Having said that, I found a lot of the images on that tutorial (all but about 3 actually), to be somewhere between ugly and disturbing, so I would personally only be intersted in things that didn’t look like things from nightmares, horror films or fantasy sites, (which often have a strong element of creepy). I know tastes vary enormously, but mine is very much conservative enough to want to stick to the vaguely normal!!=)

  16. I find this particularly helpful just now. I was using photoshop elements, but since it is incompatible with my new laptop, I have begun learning photoshop CS4. It has many more features than I know what to do with and I have much to learn. Thank you for sharing.

  17. While I don’t have Photoshop and will probably never fork over the $$ for it, I do use GIMP regularly. Many Photoshop skills are transferable to other graphic design/photo manipulation programs so, yes, I think these are very useful links. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for this link Sharon, I shall explore the sites in detail, and I would be interested in others like it. I have had PSE8 for a few months and have been trying to teach myself how to use it from books and a few online sources, I have also bought a series of DVDs from a UK City and Guilds tutor which are good, but every little bit helps when you can’t attend a class in person. Sue McB

  19. I don’t use any kind of graphics package right now, and that makes me feel slightly behind the times. :o) However, I do enjoy reading and learning about them, as I intend to learn to use a graphics package one day, when I have more time, which I hope will not be never! LOL So I would enjoy this becoming a regular feature, and I would also enjoy reading about how you and others use these packages in your design work.

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