The value of notebooks to Bruce Chatwin

The value of notebooks to Bruce Chatwin

Bruce Chatwin and his notebooks. Interview with his wife Elizabeth

This interview with Bruce Chatwin’s wife about his use of notebooks reveals how he dumped everything in to them.

For those who are interested in the creative process or use studio journals you will find the insight to Bruce Chatwin’s process thought provoking. I was particularly intrigued with his ideas about memory, notetaking and photographs.  

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  1. Oh, you share the most wonderful things with us. I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the time and talent you share with us to make our lives more creative and beautiful. I really appreciated this post today and how important journals are in the lives of creative people.

    From Utah, Bev

  2. In my household anything bound together, or even loose index cards, is subject to becoming a notebook for recording thoughts, book passages, art ideas, lists of things to do at work, at home, or general wish lists. It’s fun to later come upon these lists and see what managed to happen during the time the list was misplaced. When I come across really old lists I am often shocked to realize that there is so much of "me" in them that I can confirm that my interests and personality has been pretty consistent over the years. I choose to be over-ambitious in my lists because they give me a direction to head in. Also, none of my lists has ever been completed because as I move through it I think of related things to do and jot them down in the margin.

    Liz Ozselcuk
  3. Sharon,

    I have a question about yesterday’s CQ block. What is the name of the little "flower" with the pearl in the center. Is it in your dictionary?


    Cheryl Greenstreet

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