There is stuff happening on Stitchin Fingers

There is stuff happening on Stitchin Fingers

screenshot of websiteNote Unfortunately Stitchin Fingers no longer exists as the site closed late 2016 so I have removed the links in this post

For those who have not paid a visit to Stitchin Fingers lately you may want to check it out as the site is getting a spruce up, and re-vamp. Since the site is now being paid for by me I will be more hands on and as I discover new features I will be implementing them.<

I am not going mad with all the options  and changing everything  at once because I think all the hype and bells and whistles in the world will not make a real community.

That said there are features I have yet to explore or apply to our little niche online.

One new feature is that if you have login problems you can now report straight to me. Before this was sent to NING and you had to deal with them. Now, if people are having trouble they can contact me. This sort of attention means managing the network will take time for me, but at least you know who you are talking to.

My energy will be more focused on the site and I think I can make it a lot more fun and more useful for members.

For instance I think a copy of the the stitch dictionary combined with all the TAST and TAST 2010 stitches could be hosted in one spot. It makes sense  to have the resource on site.

Another idea I have came out of the realisation that people love lists of things – believe me! The posts of  annotated blogs lists are really very popular. I think members would find it useful if Stitchin fingers has a directory of annotated links to tutorials, blogs, resources, ebooks and information. I envision a section of the site that is an annotated directory for fiber folks. Links that are commerce links I will not allow. I plan to annotate each link so people are not going to head off not knowing what they are about visit. I think if each link is described honestly it will be useful to members.

On the site I might start playing favourites and highlighting members and their work.We have a huge range of really talented, high quality, interesting stuff going on and it is easy to miss if you don’t pay attention to the photo feed.

One thing I have changed is the ability for all members to create groups. With over 3,000 members I figure I need to keep an eye on things and I am happy for people to create a group but they need to contact me first. It really is just a case of sending me a message.

Anyway I would love feed back on these ideas. I have a thread going in the forum called Tossing around some ideas for improving stitchin fingers so, if you have time, feel inclined and have an idea I hope you will join the conversation there.

If you are not yet a member I hope you will visit and join. If you have not paid us a visit  for a while please drop by and most of all enjoy stitchin fingers as it’s only going to get better!

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  1. Sharon, I was finally able to register for a Stitich Fingers membership, so you can delete and disregard my earlier message. Thanks. Looking forward to being part of this group. Sandi

  2. I seem to be caught in a loop with ning that will not let me sign up for stitchin fingers. I thought I had already done so a couple of weeks ago, but can’t get on now, and now am caught in the ning loop. How do I sign up for stitchin fingers? Sandi


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