Introducing block 33 of the I Dropped the Button Box crazy quilt

Introducing block 33 of the I Dropped the Button Box crazy quilt

crazy quilt block

Block 33 is a little bit unusual as it is quite greyish. If you click on the image you can see a larger version.  The colour scheme because is not so predicable. When there are 100 blocks in a quilt you need a few that are not screaming at you.

I hope you will enjoy the focus on each detail over the next few weeks. We are approximately a third through documenting the seams embellishments and decorations on the I dropped the button box quilt.

crazy quilt block pattern

Fabric content:

  • Piece 1: Rayon form a skirt I used to own
  • Piece 2: Polyester  form a jacket I used to own
  • Piece 3: Cotton furnishing  polyester fabric
  • Piece 4: Brocade
  • Piece 5: Velvet
  • Piece 6: Quilters Cotton

Item Count: 

This quilt is made up of 2001 different elements as it was made in 2001. By element I mean either a different piece of fabric, a piece of lace or lace motif, braid, charm, button or strip of ribbon. This count is ongoing and represents the items in the quilt blocks documented in this blog so far.

  • Fabric: 6
  • Lace, braid and ribbon: 2
  • Buttons, charms, coin: 9
  • Total items on this block: 17
  • Total tally of items on the quilt so far 643

crazy quilt block pattern

What is the story?
This regularly published series aims to illustrate and document the hand embroidered seams, embellishments and decorations on my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. All articles are categorised in the projects under Crazy Quilt details which enables readers to browse back through the series.
Free Crazy quilt block patterns
In the process of documenting the seam decorations on this quilt, as I get to each block I am diagramming it out for readers as a free crazy quilt pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.
I have released the block patterns and stitch ideas for non commercial use but I retain all copyright. Please attribute the work to me, and link back to this blog. You may not take whole articles from this series and republish online. Link please dont republish.



  1. Another lovely block, I enjoy this series very much! I also want to let you know that I finished both blocks for your ECQ-class. Now they have a backing, batting, binding and folded corners so I can hang them on the wall! My 8 x 8 inch block is here:
    My 10 x 10 inch block is here:
    I enjoyed working on both of them.

  2. I love crazy patchwork. I have a miniature crazy quilt in creams and gold
    on the go. I started it at the beginning of the year, but then it just sat there. I did get it out two weeks ago and joined quite a few of the blocks together. You have certainly inspired me to complete it!

  3. Hi Gerry I hope to bring both big quilts and few smaller ones – it really depends on how much I can pack within my baggage limit. I am not bringing any threads or the like to sell just quilts and samples – ie teaching gear. The button quilt I am worried about as it is very heavy. It should be fun.

    Sharon B

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