How to make a fabric book tutorial

How to make a fabric book tutorial

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Over on Shade tree Art I found a great illustrated  tutorial on how to make a fabric book.

The method Shirley Hays employs to stitch the pages together produces a neat spine and a book which will behave as a book and lay flat when open. I am sure some of those who are doing the TAST  (Take a stitch Tuesday challenge) will be interested in this. In fact I can see this method useful for all sorts of samples.

While on the site see what Shirley Hays has done used hers for – a lovely fabric book of tatting samples !


  1. Thank you for this Sharon, I had seen this blog but to have the complete turorial is great…I have begun doing this with my Tast 2010 stitches but had not worked out how to put the pages together.

    A part page is on my blog with my Vandyke stitch. I have also put up a prepared page wiating for some more stitches to put on it. under the label Fabric Books.

  2. Hi, Sharon. I plan to take your upcoming class at Joggles, the one about building a library of personal stitches, and thought that this book would be a great way to compile all the samples I figure I will make while in that class.
    Thanks for sharing this posting. There are all sorts of ways a book like this could be used!! Sandi


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