Look at what I have done!

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Look at what I have done!

For the last 20 months or so I have had strips of embroidered fabric accumulate on my design wall. As I stitch sections of my sampler it goes up on my design wall so I can live with it for a while but I decided that it was time to take them all down, piece them together and add them to my band sampler. I am giving a design and stitch workshop next week and plan to take it with me.

As you can see the sampler zig-zags over the table. This really is a case of blogging influencing what I do. It is not so much that I have stitched in order to blog but every second day I write about a band on my big long sampler and I have been doing this steadily over the last 20 months.

What this process of blogging means is that the sampler is constantly fore grounded in my thoughts. I have quite naturally, I think picked it up more than I normally would do. I did not realise just how much it had been in my hands until I pieced it together. I am sure without writing constantly about it I would not have stitched so much!

How long is it now?

74ft 8 inches or 24.8 yards

2275 cm or 22.75 meters

Which ever way you measure it that is long! It still fits easily in a suitcase and as a teaching aid I think works well.

Next week apart from TAST and my regular posts about the sampler and crazy quilting details I will not be doing lot here. It will be a busy week for as I will be flying up to Queensland to give a 2 day workshop.

Sampler FAQ
For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ page.

All posts in the series are in the category  the Love of Stitching Band Sampler.



  1. Oh WOW,

    I have heard about these "bands" for months but have only every seen a little bit here and a little bit there… i have only just stumbled into this post and seen the sheer magnitude of the work.

    what a fantastic effort. I could never be so dedicated.

    thank you for such a great site

  2. Wow! I've been impressed seeing it in bits and pieces, but seeing the whole sampler at once is just…awe inspiring! I love how the bits of non-white fabric and the different textures of the various stitches give a nice interest, but you keep returning to the pink/blue/purples to keep it unified. Was this planned, or serendipity at work? I definitely would keep this in the carry-on luggage!


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