Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

We have another special event on Stitchin Fingers in the form of a post a photo challenge to honour of International Women’s Day (8 March). Since this is a global celebration to mark achievements of women past, present and future and 2011 is the Global Centenary Year I thought it was not only appropriate but would be fun. 
The suffragette movement colors of purple for dignity, white for purity and green for hope. 

The challenge is to post a photo on stitchin fingers of any project you have made in these colours and tag it “International Women’s Day

To join in you need to be a member of Stitchin Fingers (it’s run by me and free to join)

When you post your photos tag them and include  “International Women’s Day” inside double inverted commas.
There are no sign ups or tight regulations just join in if you have time and celebrate the day. 

Take a look at what has already turned up under the “International Women’s Day” tag

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