CQ Adventure an outrageous success

CQ Adventure an outrageous success

I sit a little dazed as the crazy quilt adventure in Hartford is over.  It was really wonderful to meet so many internet stitching friends, and readers. It is very easy to tap away on a keyboard and be unaware of an influence you may have on someone.

Get togethers like this, really bring home to me that my readers are loyal wonderful people. I always imagine them to be that, but it is lovely to confirm it! Some people from the discussion lists I first made contact with years ago. So the next time I have a fit of the blahs about this blog, I will just dig the wonderful memories of this retreat.

I had lovely light airy room ot teach in and to my delight I was able to lay my band sampler out around the tables. People enjoyed the quilts I was able to bring too.

As conference hostess and organizer, Maureen Greeson excelled at making all who attended feel welcome. All weekend a fission was palpable as people learnt new techniques and shared their excitement about crazy quilting.

Allison Aller is a lovely soul, taught at the adventure, and has recorded her responses on her blog.

Susan Elliott of Plays with Needles who acted as an MC is a hoot. More than once I was laughing so hard I thought I might embarrass myself.

Betty Pillsbury not only taught classes but delivered an interesting after dinner talk about her vintage crazy quilt collection.

Shirlee Fassell of Needle and Hook spoke about her Crazy quilt that was selected as one of the 40 finalist quilts in the 100,000 Quilting Challenge in 2007 and about couture embroidery using a lunéville (tambour) hook.

I think all who attended will remember this event with pleasure as is was a wonderful success. But my fun is not yet over as I have a 3 day workshop to give which starts tomorrow. If I remember to take photos I will share them with you.


  1. First, I am so jealous, I'm trying very hard not to turn a sickly green color. The good news is several of my good Rocky Mountain Crazy quilter friends went, so I'm attempting to live vicariously. Maybe someday we can arrange for someone to video tape these events. If nothing else I'd like to "meet" all the people I chat with online on a regular basis.
    On a side note. I LOVE the "my response is on my own website" you have over the comments. Is this a wordpress blog – can I get that? (sorry just had to get "tech geek" for a second).

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