Sites worth bookmarking: The National Quilt Register

Sites worth bookmarking: The National Quilt Register

Most Aussie quilters know the National Quilt Register website but if you don’t do make a cuppa, and take some time to enjoy it.

Quilts and their back story are fascinating as they often they hold within them family stories. For instance  years ago I made a quilt for Eve, my daughter that contains the fabric from clothing of 4 generations of women. It is the stories behind the Quilts that the register actively collects because the National Quilt Register believes that a museum is more than a collection of objects.

In this collection all quilts and their stories are equally significant, no matter the technical ability of the quilter. On the register you will find all sorts of quilts from the finely stitched to the humble and functional and some are not even finished which is a relief for anyone who has a UFO pile!

You do have the option of using a search engine. A keyword search of crazy quilt pulled up a good number. More than enough to satisfy me over my morning coffee.

Or you can browse by stories behind the quilts which are grouped under subject lists.

For those who do not know lot about Australian quilting traditions you can also browse by quilting style (such as crazy quilting or waggas) via the Australian quilt tree.

Also on the site is a useful definition of a quilt

“The NQR definition is: a bedcover of 2 or more layers sewn together (or tied) either by hand or by machine. It is often but not always quilted. A quilt may be made for decoration or warmth or both.”

The National Quilt Register is supported by major museums and heritage organisations, women’s groups and individuals across Australia and as I say it is well worth bookmarking.


  1. Yep – except it is moribund, impossible to get an answer out of, and impossible to get anything added. I have given up. But still a very nice reference.

    We have recently had the experience at one collection of finding what we thought was a modern indian rug on a floor is a strongly provenanced quilt that came out from Tipperary in 1862. Just waiting for some more details to blog it.

    Linda @ Chloe

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