Another crazy quilt Block to share


  1. Yes faith I add all the beads buttons etc last otherwise my thread gets caught constantly as work and one of the reasons I like 8 inch blocks is they fit in a 9 or 10 inch hoop and no worries about getting the hoop over the beads.

    Sharon B
  2. The block is gorgeous! I hope I can do something as beautiful one day.

    I think you answered a question that was forming in my head. You do all the thread & ribbon stitching first and then go back to add beads? Seems so logical, but I hadn't thought of it and, wow, it can be hard to get the hoop on around beads!

  3. Sharon, that is so beautiful! I see several techniques here that I learned from you including the cast on stitch and the rick/rack rose. I want to use those techniques a little more often! I also need to master the Bullion stitch. I've never really gotten the hang of that one. Perhaps I'll practice on my next block! Gorgeous as always!


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