Work in Progress Wednesday: Lace crazy quilt block 13

Gosh Wednesday rolls around quickly since I have re-instituted these progress reports! I have another finished block for my next crazy quilt which I am calling the Lace quilt.

lace crazy quilt block

This block is not so busy as I like to have some blocks in a quilt that are a little bit quiet. It does have interest however as the lace is vintage and the hankie has a needle lace edge. The tatting along the top left seam is also an effective piece.

The curved line of stitching is Double threaded back stitch. And the 2 diagonal lines of stitches that run along the edge of the vintage lace is Beaded Double Pekinese stitch. Both stitches I cover in my stitch worksheets.

Where are the other blocks?  

You will find all the other blocks in the Lace Quilt category


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