Work in Progress Wednesday: CQ Journal challenge

Work in Progress Wednesday: CQ Journal challenge

Well here I am running through the door waving an 8 inch block in my hand. This year I am participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 and I really did wonder if I was going to find the time to do this block.

Life has been very busy here as I have explained in previous posts Eve our daughter is a circus performer and after 10 years in the business she is in the process of staring her own Circus. A lot of costuming has been going on and I used some of the scraps from Eves costume. In this show she is a toy ballerina and the storyline is a bunch of toys come to life. It’s an old storyline but you can stll do alot with it in a circus performance!   Eve is keeping a blog  Stardust and Sledgehammers covering all the behind the stuff of life in a circus!  Anyway the fabrics are scraps from the costumes.

Last week I demonstrated how I used Mistyfuse to secure the shapes to the block. This week the block is done. Someone, somewhere (I cant remember which forum and it is not in my comments) asked how long it takes me to make a block. This one I kept track of as I worked and it took 17 hours from assembly to looking like this.

If you click on the image you can see a larger version.


  1. Hi Faith I couched a fine gold cord around the figure and the pins and the red triangles are sequin waste – could not possibly have a block like this without something to do with sequins on it!

    Sharon B
  2. I love the colors of this! It looks like backstitch around the juggling pins. Is that tiny buttonhole stitching around the person? On the top left seam there is a wave of red triangles. Is that a stitch or a thread/ribbon? So much to see! :^D

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