Sites worth revisiting – A 4 meter long band sampler

In the move I found some gems in the archive this is one of them. Imagine my pleasure in watching this video about a 4 meter long band sampler.

I have seen an Dutch/Australian band sampler that is similar to this one, only it was blue. It was the same sort of length and the same mix of practical stitchery and embroidery. I was told it was made by a needlwork teacher. Needless to say this tradition of creating a long thin band sampler, in part informed my own sampler.

Sorry no round up today as I have been a bit busy with the move. Back to normal tomorrow I promise!


  1. Kathleen it will be different here – there is a TAST category and a TAST tag – I would link to the category would be better as people can also find the categories in the side bar now. But if you really like the tag link to that. I try and remember to tag each post but there is more chance of human error with that option.

  2. On my blog, I copied and pasted your tag for the TAST challenge.
    It is the tag that someone could click on and it would take that person to the TAST page.
    Is this tag still good or is there another one to have.
    Thanks for all the effort you put forth in your blog.
    I know that it is a lot of work. Kathleen


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