Friday Freebie Corticelli Home Needlework online

Friday Freebie Corticelli Home Needlework online

Happy Easter everyone!

I said in my blog move I found some gems in the archive this is first of few wonderful rediscoveries. I hope you enjoy it for this weeks Friday freebie.
image of hand embroidery

I think readers will enjoy this delicious link.

Corticelli Home Needlework which was published in 1898 is a free PDF download.
image of hand embroidery The book is described as a manual of Art Embroidery, Needlework and Knitting. (I love this term Art embroidery)

The PDF file it is a hefty 114 MB but this is 117 pages of of total delight. There are colour illustrations of some of the patterns.

hand embroidery pattern detail

Stitch directions are described in an old fashioned manner but with a little concentration they can be understood. As to be expected there is a really good description of how to do long and short stitch and the patterns that are in this book are really beautiful.

Traditional stitchers and crazy quilters should love this book as many of the patterns Β can be adapted for use on items that can be used today.
hand embroidery pattern detail
The designs are published as line drawings. Another charm is that the advertising front and back could be added to a digital ephemera collection that can be used in collage. What more could you want?Β Corticelli Home NeedleworkΒ Β  is a wonderful free resource full of free patterns and instructions.


  1. What a great book – and it doesn’t have to be downloaded, as it can be read online (see LHS just under the picture of the book page). If you click on the little hand on the bottom bar, you’ll see which page you’re reading so you can get back to it quickly next time. Simply wonderful resource. Thanks, Sharon!

  2. I downloaded this the first time you featured it and have just had another look (it got rather forgotten….). Wow! I need to spend more time with those downloads you’ve pointed me to as some of the work is just stunning! This one has shades of Trish Burr, doesn’t it?=)

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