CQ block 58

CQ block 58

Crazy quilt block 58 on the I dropped the button box quilt


    1. Thanks Cheryl, I scavenge and swap stuff – most of what I use int my crazy quilting, are materials that have been scavenged. For instance this braid was in remnant bag of scraps in a soft furnishing store. The brown trim looks very dull that is why I used a bit of metallic fabric in contrast – to pep it up a bit. I shop mainly at what we call ‘swap meets’ in Australia, in America I think they call them boot sales. I also shop at charity shops or what we call ‘op shops’ the ‘op’ being short for ‘opportunity’. I look for lace, trims, buttons etc on after five wear and have often chopped up a dress to get the buttons or beads etc The excess fabric I dye or I give or swap away.


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