Work in Progress Wednesday: Lace crazy quilt block 22

Work in Progress Wednesday: Lace crazy quilt block 22

crazy quilt block 22

Since it is Wednesday, today I would like to share another completed crazy quilt block that will be used on my lace quilt. The blocks are 7 inches square. This work in progress is gradually developing.

If you click on the image you will be able to see a larger version.

There are some seam embellished with stitches that will be in Module 7 of my stitchers worksheets. I am still working on the eye candy samples.

Why am I calling it the lace quilt? 

I was given a gift of lace “towards my next quilt” from Margaret Roberts a warm generous woman. At the time I wrote about it here. I have combined that gift with my hoard and I have since worked out there is enough lace for at least another 2 quilts after this one! So I will be busy!

Where are the other blocks?

You will find all the other blocks in the Lace Quilt category


  1. Hello, I’m new to quilting, but I have done a little machine quilting. I have been crocheting for over 32 years and very much love the way you have used lace in your quilt (whether hand crocheted or machine made; both are beautiful). You have so much talent! I wanted to thank you for all the free info as I am totally disabled and can’t afford most of the patterns and quilting lessons out there. So, thank you very much!
    ~ Dawn ~


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