Encyclopedia of Needlework free online

Encyclopedia of Needlework free online

The Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont (1846-1890) is published online as a web site.

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The book hold 16 chapters that range across many areas of needlework. For anyone looking for pulled and drawn stitches there is a chapter on Single Cut Openwork and a chapter on Whitework which is useful. Under Miscellaneous fancy work there are some interesting techniques along side some canvas work stitches.

screenshot of website

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  1. Guau!Jamas hubiera encontrado este sitio sin su ayuda.Hay muchos lugares interesantes en Internet,que suben libros antiguos,pero los suben como documento pdf ,los cuales no se traducen.
    El sitio que nos recomienda se traduce perfecto .Muchas gracias.Cariños.


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