Crazy Quilt Detail 417

Crazy Quilt Detail 417

crazy quilt blockThis area is a cluster of vintage buttons on block 61 of the I dropped the Button Box Quilt.

What is the story?
This regularly published series aims to illustrate and document the hand embroidered seams, embellishments and decorations on my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. All articles are categorised in the projects under Crazy Quilt details which enables readers to browse back through the series.
Free Crazy quilt block patterns
In the process of documenting the seam decorations on this quilt, as I get to each block I am diagramming it out for readers as a free crazy quilt pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.


  1. Sharon, do you have a “donate” button somewhere. When sites such as yours provide, free of charge, valuable information that I dip in and of as needed (whether for practical reasons for just for entertainment), I like to try to donate an annual “magazine subscription” fee–all the goodies and then some of a magazine without having a stack of stored paper that I hate to toss!

    1. Hi Dianne – I dont have a donate button as I always felt uneasy putting out a virtual hat. I do sell lessons and the worksheets from the site however so it covers costs.


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