Ebook of blackwork patterns

Ebook of blackwork patterns

screenshot of Ebook of blackwork patterns

Kim over at String or Nothing has generously released a book of free black work patterns titled  Ensamplario Atlantio: Being a Collection of Filling Patterns Suitable for Blackwork Embroidery. I know the title  sounds a mouthful, but there are some great traditional patterns in this ebook. This 40 page, Ebook of blackwork patterns contains over 220 or so individual all-over or filling patterns for blackwork embroidery.

Some of the patterns perfectly fill a square so good for biscornu pin cushions, or needle books, scissor fobs, sewing caddies, small bags and purses etc. and for this time of the year Christmas tree ornaments and the like. In other words, you do not have to be interested in historical embroidery to enjoy this Ebook of blackwork patterns. The designs are timeless because they are versatile.

It is a pdf file in four-parts so that it can be downloaded easily.

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  1. Sharon- Thanks for the mention! I’d be delighted to see what people do with the EnsAtl patterns. It’s always fun to see what mischief the “pattern children” get up to, out in the wide, wide world. -K. (long time Pin Tangle lurker)

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