R. Ackermann’s Repository of fashions a free ebook online

R. Ackermann’s Repository of fashions a free ebook online

fashion illustration from R. Ackermann's Repository of FashionsR. Ackermann’s Repository of fashions was published 1829 and has been digitized and made available as free Google ebook.

For those with a tablet it is easily read or you can view it on your computer.

The book contains some really lovely fashion plates of the day which will be of great interest to anyone interested in the history of costume. They have a charm of their own that delighted me.

Also many crazy quilters print on fabric vintage images then incorporate these into their crazy quilt blocks they are the modern equivalent to cigarette silks.

fashion illustration from R. Ackermann's Repository of FashionsFor those readers who do not do crazy quilting on antique crazy quilts you will often find little pictures and images that were printed on silk. If you are interested here is an article about Cigarette Silks. These came in cigarette packets and women used to collect them and they got used in crazy quilts.

Today with the aid of computers, many quilters print images on their own fabric and use the prints in the tradition of cigarette silks. The prints produced this way are even abbreviated to the words like “silk cigie” or just “cigie”. Many of the colour pages in R. Ackermann’s Repository of Fashions could be adapted to make repro silks.

free embroidery pattern from R. Ackermann's Repository of Fashions
Also the book contains many interesting embroidery patterns used in that period.

free embroidery pattern from R. Ackermann's Repository of FashionsI have taken a few screenshots in the hope of enticing you to look at and enjoy reading R. Ackermann’s Repository of Fashions. Many of the patterns for borders could be used to cover crazy quilt seams. Single motifs could easily be adapted to be used in the center of patches.

free embroidery pattern R. Ackermann's Repository of Fashions
As you can see there are many useful resources in R. Ackermann’s Repository of Fashions, for any crazy quilter who adapts historical material to a modern use. I browsed these pages my imagination went to creating a series of Jane Austin themed crazy quilt blocks using this publication as a jumping off spot.



Have you seen my book?

holding my book in front of quilt

My book The Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design: Simple Stitches, Stunning Results  shares detailed practical methods on how to design and make a crazy quilt. Topics such as fabric choice, tricky challenges like balancing colour, texture and pattern, and how to create movement to direct your viewers eye around the block are covered in detail. I also explain how to stitch and build decorative seam treatments in interesting and creative ways. My book is profusely illustrated as my aim is to be practical and inspiring.

Stitchers templates

My templates aim to help you take your stitching to the next level. Designed by an embroiderer for embroiderers. With them you can create hundreds of different hand embroidery patterns to embellish your seams  with flair. These templates are easy to use, made of clear plastic so you can position them easily and are compact in your sewing box.

using my stitchers Templates set 2These are simple to use. You simply position the template in place and use a quilter’s pencil to trace along the edge of the template. Stitch along this line to decorate the seam. I have a free ebook of patterns to accompany each set which illustrates how they can be used.

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  1. I love the embroidery patterns.
    And, the hat on the blue-cloaked lady, labeled “Opera Dress” . . . . I wonder how many people sitting behind her asked her to take the hat off so they could see . . . .

  2. Hi Sharon,

    This looks a wonderful resoruce, is there a way of down loading it to my computer or can you only view it at the site?
    Actually when I tried to view it nothing happened.
    Cheers Judy

  3. Sharon, thank you for replying, I knew for you to say it’s free there had to be a way. I don’t know why I never thought of the small wheel before.
    Have a blessed day. Margo

  4. Sharon, these are beautiful. This site is very new to me. How do I obtain the freebies? Do I download the entire book or each individual picture? thank you for sharing something so vey lovely.

  5. Thank you for posting this, Sharon. I love crazy quilts and the history of crazy quilts & fabric.

    When my dad was 14, he worked in his uncle’s hardware store and talks about the calicos that came with the flour sacks. He said that it never failed that the women would always want the one that was on the bottom of the pile. lol

    Kelly Cave

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