Stencils Sold Out

Stencils Sold Out

Sharon B's CQ Stencils thumbTo my astonishment my stencils totally sold out yesterday. My inbox is totally filled with emails and I will work through them today but I wanted to give folks the news as I am taking pre-orders.

The stencils also come with an ebook on how to use them and patterns to give you ideas.

How to Pre-order

Leave a me a comment or contact me via the contact tab, which ever is easiest for you and I will email when they become available again.  I have tripled the order and I should have more in 10 – 24 days.

Price and Postage

My CQ Stencils are $30 plus postage.

  • Postage and packing to the States, Canada,  Europe, South Africa, and to what our post office calls ‘rest of world’  is $6.50
  • Postage to Pacific, Asia and NZ is $5.00
  • Postage within Australia is $1.50.

In case you missed the news here is a link to what I am chattering on about. I tried very hard to keep the price reasonable and I think I have done that as they are a firm plastic that is recyclable. They are also manufactured in Australia. They are a good quality product for a reasonable price.


  1. Please add my name to your list for a set of the stencils. You did a thoughtful and outstanding design job. I can see their versatility is unending!
    Thanks, SusieW

  2. hi Sharon, i too want one!!
    am i in the first list ? as i had inquired with u for shipping to India and u said u wud get back to me.
    PLS PLS confirm one set for me


    Riddhi Kapoor
  3. LOl I thought I would just stroll in on the weekend and buy my set… Well, obviously THAT isn’t going to happen… Good on you Sharon for producing a quality product 🙂 Can you please ad my name to your list… I’m in no hurry so just contact me when you have some more or some more after that…. Take care now…. x
    Sharon – Melbourne

  4. Hi Sharon please email me when the templates become available I can pull you.I intend to let my embroidery group know of them so I may have a bigger order. I have taken your class on quilt university,sorry to see they are dissolving. Joanne

  5. Hi Sharon, as mentioned previously I would like a set. I am going offline for the next few days as we are moving house and will have only limited internet access. Do you want a payment with the pre-order? I can arrange that on Monday or Tuesday next week.


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