How to work Cloud Filling Stitch

Cloud Filling Stitch sample 1Cloud Filling stitch,  at first looks like a ho-hum filler but if you add it to your skill set I am sure you will find it  is amazingly useful.

This stitch is quick, easy to work, simple (as I have taught it to children) and adaptable for all sorts of stitching situations.

If you change the threads can be very interesting and give a contemporary twist to a classic stitch. I have used it on things like Christmas decorations, crazy quilting to block in areas, cushions and bags in a simple band with a few beads, and even as a band for a border stitch!

The grid that you lay down first is traditionally a simple straight stitch but if you want to take it into the realm of contemporary embroidery you can use other stitches.

Cloud Filling Stitch sample 3For instance I have used detached chain stitch as the foundations stitches in the sample above. Other stitches you can use are bullions, block of straight stitches or even things like beads. Anything that will act as a loop for the lacing will work.

Cloud Filling Stitch sample 2

If the contemporary touch is your style you can also add beads in the spaces between the laced thread.

How to work Cloud Filling Stitch

Cloud Filling Stitch is usually worked on evenweave fabric. The trick is to count the threads to keep the foundation stitches evenly spaced.

Cloud Filling Stitch step 1Work lines of small vertical straight stitches in a grid like manner with every alternate row off set as in the illustration. Do not work these stitches too tight as you will be threading another thread under these stitches.

Cloud Filling Stitch step 2Thread your second thread in a blunt needle. For Cloud Filling Stitch you can use the same thread, or a thread of a different colour or thickness.

Bring your needle up on the top row as illustrated. Pass the needle under the first stitch and pull it through then pass the needle under the first stitch on the row below and pull it through.

Cloud Filling Stitch step 3Note you are not taking the needle through the fabric but threading the thread under the foundation stitches.

Cloud Filling Stitch step 4Continue in this up and down manner until the row is laced.

Cloud Filling Stitch step 5The second row of lacing is the mirror image of the first.

Cloud filling stitch step 6

Continue this lacing row upon row until the area is done.
I hope you enjoy Cloud Filling Stitch.

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