Crazy Quilt Block 73 in the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt

Crazy Quilt Block 73 in the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt

Block 73 on the I dropped the Button Box Quilt

Crazy quilt block 73 has a dominant blue purple colour scheme. It is a pretty block and people seeing the I dropped the button box quilt are always attracted to it. Click on the image of the block to see a larger photo.

Fabrics and Items used on Crazy quilt block 73

Regular readers will know that I made the I dropped the button box quilt with the challenge to use 2001 unique pieces of fabric, lace, braids, charms, buttons or ribbons as a Y2K quilt. In this series of articles, the on going item and fabric count listed below is the count of items used up to that block in the quilt.

  • Piece 1: Silk
  • Piece 2: Cotton
  • Piece 3: Fine wool
  • Piece 4: Silk
  • Piece 5: Quilters cotton
  • Piece 6: Silk
  • Piece 7: Polyester
  • Piece 8: Polyester

Block 73 pattern


  • Fabric: 8
  • Lace, braid and ribbon: 3
  • Buttons and charms: 6
  • Total items on this block: 17
  • Total tally of items on the quilt so far: 1397

Block 73 free pattern

The free Pattern for this Block right click to save the image to your computer

How I embellished Crazy Quilt Block 73

The first close detail is the seam that runs along the side of piece 7 on the block. It is up and down buttonhole stitch worked in bunker thread. Small detached chain stitches were worked between the arms in metallic thread. At the base I tucked in some seed beads. The seam next to it which runs alongside piece 6, is Feather stitch which is a favourite for many crazy quilters. I used silk thread to work this stitch, and added small gold beads to the arms of each stitch.  The small button cluster is made up of modern plastic buttons that matched the block.

Crazy quilt seam detail

People always react to this little detail on the quilt. It is a wide piece of satin ribbon which I tacked on to the block before securing it permanently using 2 rows of Chevron stitch, worked along the side of the ribbon. I used a hand dyed cotton perle #5 thread. Down the middle of the ribbon I added 3 heart shaped novelty beads.

This simple, quick seam embellishment can add emphasis to seam becasue the ribbon is wide it creates a wide band across the block hence attracts the eye.

Crazy quilt detail 487

Two very simple basic hand embroidery stitches are used on this next seam. I often recommend this combination of stitches to crazy quilters who are beginners. A line of Herringbone stitch is first worked in cotton perle #5 and then I added a line of detached chain stitches arranged in a fan shape. At the base of these I stitches a small seed bead. The tiny plastic watering can charm came in pack of charms that had a garden theme.

Crazy quilt seam detail

The next embellishment I want to draw your attention to is the small piece of hand dyed lace that runs diagonally across the photograph between the pansy shaped button and the button cluster. it covers the seam between patches 2 and 3 If you look closely won will see I have added seed beads to each flower petal in the pattern of the lace. It just adds a little pop!

Along the top of the lace I used detached chain stitches arranged in a fan formation. I worked these in cotton perle # 8.

In the same photograph you can see a seam that also runs diagonally across the block covered in gimp braid. On the bottom side of the braid I worked straight stitches adding seed beads to the end of each stitch. On the other side I worked a row of Chevron stitch in perle #5 cotton thread.  I then laced the Chevron stitches with tubular knitting ribbon before adding a row of detached chain stitches and straight stitches in little flower formations. A blue seed bead at the base completed the flower.

Crazy quilt seam detail

This seam decoration is another simple stitch for crazy quilting.  I have worked 2 lines of offset Running stitches then laced them with a hand dyed chenille thread. It is very quick and effective and great way of using novelty threads in your crazy quilting. Along the edge I used 3 straight stitches arranged in a fan shape then topped with seed beads.

Crazy quilt seam detail

I dropped button box quilt

This article is part of a series that highlight the hand embroidered seams and Crazy Quilt details on my I Dropped the Button Box quilt. (Click on the photo of the quilt to see a larger version)  The patterns provided in this series are free for personal use.   For the rest of the blocks are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

Have you enjoyed this series of articles? If so you may be interested in a free tutorial I have written on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams.  When I converted it to a PDF file I realised how comprehensive it was. At 19 pages of information it is a mini ebook and resource worth investigating!

Thread Twisties!

Experimenting with different threads can be expensive. You would normally have to buy a whole skein of each type of thread. My thread twisties are a combination of different threads to use in creative hand embroidery. These enable you to try out stitching with something other than stranded cotton. For the price of just a few skeins, you can experiment with a bundle of threads of luscious colours and many different textures.

These are creative embroiders threads. With them, I hope to encourage you to experiment. Each Twistie is a thread bundle containing silk, cotton, rayon and wool. Threads range from extra fine (the same thickness as 1 strand of embroidery floss) to chunky couchable textured yarns. All threads have a soft and manageable drape. Twisting them around a needle makes experimental hand embroidery an interesting journey rather than a battle.  Many are hand dyed by me. All are threads I use. You may find a similar thread twist but no two are identical.

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