Crazy Quilt Block 77 on the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt

Crazy Quilt Block 77 on the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt

I dropped button box quilt

I am sharing Crazy Quilt Block 77 on my I Dropped the Button Box quilt which looks a bit dull taken out of context however it fits the set of the quilt.  This block is part of a diagonal line that runs across the quilt. It is an example of choosing colours for a block that will fit the set of the quilt. If you click on the thumbnail of the quilt you can see a larger version of the image and see what I mean.

This article is part of a series that highlight the hand embroidered seams and Crazy Quilt details on my I Dropped the Button Box quilt. The patterns provided in this series are free for personal use.  All blocks are 6 x6 inches. For the other blocks in the series see the list on  the CQ details FAQ page.


Crazy quilt block 77 on I dropped the button box

Fabric content and Items used in Crazy quilt block 77

Regular readers will know that I made this quilt with the challenge to use 2001 unique pieces of fabric, lace, braids, charms, buttons or ribbons as a Y2K quilt. In this series of articles, the on going item and fabric count listed below is the count to date. I have no idea what I will do if I get to the end of this exercise and discover a miscount!

  • Piece 1: quilters cotton
  • Piece 2: poly cotton
  • Piece 3: Silk
  • Piece 4: Synthetic fabric
  • Piece 5: Cotton Polyester
  • Piece 6: Synthetic
  • Piece 7: Cotton

Crazy quilt block 77 diagramItem count

Fabric: 7
Lace, braid and ribbon: 3
Buttons and charms: 5
Total items on this block: 15
Total tally of items on the quilt so far: 1469

Free Pattern for this Block

Crazy quilt block 77 pattern

Hand embroidered seam details on Crazy Quilt Block 77

I embellished this seam using a hand dyed cotton thread that is the same thickness as perle #5 I worked Up and Down Buttonhole stitch. At the bottom of the ‘arms’ then worked Oyster stitch in rayon ribbon floss that was hand dyed.

Crazy quilt detail

A small seam covered with feather stitch. I then added bullion knots. Both the feather stitch and the bullion’s are created using cotton perle # 5 thread.

Crazy quilt detail 507

On this section of block 77 I covered a seam with hand dyed vintage lace and then picked out and filled parts of the pattern using French knots. To do this I used 2 strands of cotton floss. I use a dark blue perle # 12 thread to outline the lace and parts of the rose motifs in back stitch.

Crazy quilt detail 506

A cluster of modern buttons sit in the corner of the block. The little horse is a reference to a favourite toy my daughter had when she was a child. The maroon button sits at the very corner of the block and is helping to tie the quilt.

Crazy quilt detail 512

The button in the photograph below is very unusual as it is hand made disk made of fimo I think. I received it in a swap.

Crazy quilt detail

The seam that runs along the side of piece 6 was first covered with lace. The lace is nothing to get excited about as its cheap nylon stuff. I threaded some soft ribbon though the scalloped edges interspersing French knots created in the same ribbon. Along the edge I added embroidery using cotton perle #5 thread.

Crazy quilt detail 508

Have you enjoyed this series? If so you may be interested in  a tutorial I have written on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams.  When I converted it to a PDF file I realised how comprehensive it was. At 19 pages of information it is a mini ebook and resource worth investigating!


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Enjoy your stitching!



  1. I’ve just found your blog as i need to do a crazy patchwork sample for a course i am doing. I love all the information on your blog. I really didn’t like crazy patchwork but your work has changed my mind.
    Could you tell me if you are putting on a bit of ribbon, lace etc do you put it on when sewing the pieces of the block together so that the end are sewn in to the seam?
    I can see me getting distracted by all the beautiful embroidery stitches. Love your work.

    christine robinson
    1. Christine I add lace and braid as I assemble the block – or if I think of something while doing the embroidery I simply unpick the seam a bit – lets face it it is only half an inch and then tuck the lace in – had sew it in place and on I go


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