Detail 674 and 675 on my Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler

Detail 674 and 675 on my Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler

Sampler section 50
Today I have a detail from  section 50 on my Love of Stitching Band Sampler. If you click on the thumbnail you can read about this section of the embroidery sampler and how I pieced together different fabrics as a foundation cloth.


This detail is illustrates an number of canvas work stitches used on Aida. There are a mix of threads both hand dyed and commercial in different fibers. In this area I used stranded cotton floss, cotton #8 Perle and cotton #5 perle, silk and wool.  I used mostly straight stitches worked in a similar manner to Bargello and I added some eyelets and Rhodes stitch.

Detail on Hand Embroidery Needlework Sampler

As I stitched the news was full of reports about the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. So another piece of journalling appeared as I added a note about it.

Detail on Hand Embroidery Needlework Sampler


This section of the sampler was worked between March and May 2010.


This area is a section in my  Love of Stitching Band Sampler which is 15 cm (6 inches) wide and currently measures 96 feet 5 inches (2,938.78 centimetres), or  32.138 yards which is 29.3878 meters. It is still growing…

Sampler FAQ
If you want to know more about this piece visit the Sampler FAQ page or you can work back through the series of articles by reading them in the the Love of Stitching Band Sampler category.


  1. Hi Sharon
    I have been following your work for quite a few years, after four children then three grandchildren
    almost full time. Now I have time for ME I am having so much fun with your site it is truly amazing what you do, just thinking up the designs, really beautiful and also giving away most of your work, you truly are an amazing person.
    Thank you for your generosity
    Gwenda Braniff

    Gwenda Braniff

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