Introducing Block 79 on the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt

crazy quilt block 79 Today I would like to share a pattern for Block 79 from the I dropped the button box quilt. The quilt is made up of 100, 6 inch blocks and I cant quite believe I have diagramed out 79 of them for my readers.

Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page

It is a lighter block that is part of the dark diagonal line that runs across the quilt.

Over the next few weeks I will share articles about block 79 covering the embroidery and embellishments in closer detail but for today I will focus just on the block and share the pattern with you.

Fabric content:
Piece 1: cotton
Piece 2: Synthetic
Piece 3: Polly Cotton
Piece 4: Silk
Piece 5: Cotton
Piece 6: Cotton with a metallic thread woven through it
Piece 7: Cotton
Piece 8: Unknown – a vintage fabric with a bubbly thread woven into it

block 79 diagramItem Count:
Regular readers will know that I made this quilt with the challenge to use 2001 unique pieces of fabric, lace, braids, charms, buttons or ribbons as the I dropped the button box quilt is a Y2K quilt. The on going item count list below represents the items documented to date in this series of articles. It my way of making sure I got the count right. Lets hope I did!

Fabric: 8
Lace, braid and ribbon: 3
Buttons and charms: 9
Total items on this block: 20
Total tally of items on the quilt so far: 1505

Here is the pattern

crazy quilt block 79 patternIncase you have forgotten what the quit looks like here is a photo to act as a memory prompt

I dropped the button box quilt

Free Crazy quilt block patterns
Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page

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  1. Sharon, I tend to admire the photos you share of these blocks without commenting. I have to say, you make button clusters look SO easy. I’ve read what you have written about them and a tutorial by Kathy Shaw. Let’s just say, I need more practice – lol!

    After reading your comment about the different fabrics you use for crazy quilting, I could only wonder if you have any idea how many of us justify the use of just about any fabric in our blocks because you have used them. It is another great reminder that there are no rules with CQ.

    Looking at your quilt above, I found myself almost thankful (almost) that I will not have the opportunity to see it in person someday. Why? Well, because I can only begin to imagine how many hours I could spend admiring each and every block. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work and sharing each block in detail. (We can all enjoy admiring each block in small doses of time without really counting the hours – lol.)

    1. Hi Renee One of the reasons I started that quilt was to prove someone wrong – (she has since passed so I will tell the story) she was a lady who would loudly always tell people what you could and could not do. The type who was a paid up member of the quilting/embroidery police. One day she said to me at the top of her voice in large group of women “In crazy quilting you should only use natural fabrics like silk and cotton, and good laces – never use nylon lace, ric rac is for primitive and folk art and plastic beads and sequins are just tacky and bad taste.” Honestly, this is what she said I smiled at her and privately thought to myself no woman who lacked so much imagination would ever tell me what I could do. I went home and started this quilt. I dont think people would think me too full of myself to say I think I proved her wrong. People like her do more damage than good when they criticise what others can and can not do. I used all sorts of ‘wrong stuff’ in that quilt. I used lots of tacky materials from costuming and even things like lycra and stretch lace! Plastic beads galore are on the quilt. To be honest not everyone has a stash of natural fiber fabrcs and vintage laces so I just used everything in it. Anyway I thought I would tell you the story

  2. As I work on each block of this beautiful quilt Sharon, I wonder if I will ever reach block 100. And I love your little notes remembering certain fabrics and charms you have added. Perhaps I should be doing the same. You have left a wonderful legacy to the craft world.

    Claire Turner
    1. Thanks Claire I am pleased you like the fabric notes as one of the reasons I do it is demonstrate you can use lots of different fabrics for crazy quilting as some people think you can only use silks and natural fibers


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