I dropped the button box crazy quilt

I dropped the button box crazy quilt

I dropped button box quilt quilt

As part of an ongoing series of articles which include the pattern for each of the blocks that make up this quilt.

Full details about the I dropped the button box crazy quilt and and links to each pattern are on the CQ details FAQ page


  1. Gosh it really is wonderful, something of which to be very proud. Thank you for sharing all that has gone with the production of this gorgeous piece of work – the blocks and the stitches- I have learnt so much and enjoyed every aspect of your messages. Thank you very much.

    Lynda Harrison
  2. Jan (June 11) expressed so well the things I often think. Sharon your CQ is wonderful and we are lucking the internet gives us the opportunity to see your wonderful creations and learn from your teachings.
    With a bit of luck, and ladies like you, Sharon, the trends will do a full circle and handmade crafts will make a comeback and that the future generations WILL treasure what someone has made and left behind.
    In the mean time, no matter what happens, crafters should just do what makes them happy….
    Thanks again Sharon for giving me the inspiration to take up my needle and threads again.

    karin furtkamp
    1. Thanks Karin I hope you do keep stitching as obviously that is one of the key reasons I keep this site- thanks for a lovely comment it is wonderful to have such positive feedback

  3. I am truely amazed at detail and workmanship you have put into this quilt. Oh to have the hands that could work like this before I was blessed with RA and other autoimmune diseases. Still I think I will try the patterns with less detail by hand. May our Creator continue to bless you and your workmanship. May your family respect your creations after you leave this mortal coil. It breaks my heart to see the lack of respect that later generations don’t accept the responsibility of in the years to come.
    As I told one woman who wanted to cut in half a hand worked English Garden summer bed quilt, ” I hope your mother haunts you for this sacrilalige. You should honor your mother gifts to future generations not destroy them. Write her name and dates on a label at the back and give it to a member of the family who will treasure both works you have with you.” Am I being selfish?? I don’t believe that many children of whatever age develop that level of respect unless we encourage it from an early age.

    1. I am right there with you Jan! That was my mothers name. She and my grandmother gave me a love for all things creative. Neither of my other sisters learned now to sew, yet they tried to keep my grandmother machine that I learned to sew on and was willed to me BH my grandmother, but my mother said I had to wait til she was fi ished win it.all my brothers and sisters took everything that meant anything to me, like her cast iron skillot and I was the only kid out of six WNO learned now to cook too and cooked all their birthday dinners , but they took that too and all her good Jews!ry and K don’t ha e a single wedding photo.And they are making me out to be greedy be cause I asked for anything when I was the one who reminded them what my mom chose for them when she azmex them all first And asked me after the only thing left was an old cedar chest that rotted in the garage. I have two kids, a boy and girl. They think all my stuff is old lady stuff! I ha e a button collection in the thousands and lots of vintage notions,tons of fa ri , ri -RAC,etc.etc. I keep telling my daughter the stuff is worth more than she thinks and if she doesn’t want it, don’t just GI e it away! And if I manage to he any cra,y quilts finished don’t EVER! Give them away to always keep them in the family until there is no family left .Which may be sooner than later.My daughter has one almost two year old and we believe he may be autistic and will be tested soon since he shows all the signs even the rare ones, sadly. And due to the state of the world my son doesn’t want any children and he is the last of the family line on my husbands side, the only other child,his nephew committed suicide when he was 17.I hope my son meets a nice girl and changes his mind, I’m pretty sure he isn’ t like his dad since he had been in love with a model but she was too young and immature and he is on a different path a good one.I have also reiterated over and over to my son, the. value of holxi g on to special family things and that they may not this k they are special when they are in their late twenties but when they hit their mid fifties they will be thankful they held on to them, or c dying about how they didn’t! We ALL must make sure our future generations have at least a few responsible ones to put things in the Smithsonian !!

      Michelle Taylor

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