Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler detail 698, 699 and 700

Freeform Hand Embroidery Sampler detail 698, 699 and 700

Needlework sampler section 51 aThese are 3 details on section 51 on my Love of Stitching Band Sampler. Click on the thumbnail of the sampler if you are curious about it.

Size, Date and Fabric 

The whole sampler is 15 cm (6 inches) wide and 96 feet 5 inches or 29.3878 meters long. You can read about it on the the Sampler FAQ page.

The fabric is a 25cnt evenweave linen and this section was worked between June and December of 2010.

This detail is two lines of Cretan stitch. It is a very simple variation that even new hands to embroidery can do. The first row was worked wide with the arms spaced quite far apart. I used a hand dyed wool. The second line is cotton and worked smaller with the arms sitting in the spaces created by the first line. The cotton forms an interesting ridge.

Needlework Sampler detail

The next detail is crossed chain with French knots between each cross.

Needlework Sampler detail

Detail 670 is a line of herringbone that I tied once with green cotton perle. I left lots of space between each stitch as I knew I wanted to add a row of Cretan stitch. This is worked in yellow silk and tied twice with green cotton perle. I then added a fan of detached chain stitches to the top of each herringbone.

Needlework Sampler detail

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Sampler FAQ
The Sampler FAQ page will give you more information about this project or you can browse back through the series by reading the articles in the the Love of Stitching Band Sampler category.


  1. I have enjoyed all of your post on the Sampler; but this section is particularly enjoyable. Not use if it’s the colour combinations or the stitches. I just know that I smile each time to you reveal a section ‘close-up’ and I find myself looking intently at each stitch combination. Thank you Sharon


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