This made me smile

This made me smile

17th Century fabric hand embroidery sample bookI have been looking at the history of fabric books and in particular sample books. I want to share with readers but also point out there is nothing new under the sun. I found this in the Metropolitan Museum of Art website as it is part of their collection.
sample book In the 17th century a woman, wanted to collect together ideas for her embroidery, much like we use pinterest today. She gathered together her carefully worked sample swatches and I think she then patchworked them together to store them in a fabric book.(Visit the Met site as you will see what I mean)  I sat there smiling thinking to myself how much I relate to the woman who made it.

section of hand embroidered sampler with traditional patternsThen I noticed some of the designs she had stitched. Look at the top of this page and see the green band, fourth along Then take a look at the top band on the mourning sampler I worked for my mother. If you want to know more about my mourning sample click here. It is separate section worked a part of my very long sampler. It is joined and part of my story but also but has a totally self contained story to it.

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