A group for people who want to learn about Fabric books!

A group for people who want to learn about Fabric books!

screenshot of a group for people who want to learn how to make Fabric booksNews! I have started a Facebook group for people who want to learn about Fabric books.

Fabric books are called all sorts of things fabric art journals, textile books, fabric collage books, quilted journals, cloth artist books, fiber books, what ever you want to call them. This facebook group is about books made from fabric, felt or mixed media journals that mainly incorporate textiles. Fiber or cloth has to be the dominant material used to make the book. This excludes art journals or paper journals as there are plenty of groups for those folks online.

People with all skill levels are encouraged. So don’t be put off if you have never made a fabric book you will soon learn by hanging around this crowd. The idea is learn together and share tips and advice, photos of progress and projects, and pool our knowledge so everyone can learn and develop their skills in this area of textile practice.

If you are interested follow the link and apply to join the Facebook Fabric Books group. At the time of writing there are already over 300 members and some very talented people in the group I have a hunch this will be an interesting and dynamic textile group that stir the creative juices constantly. So spread the news and join if you think it might be your thing.

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    I would like to join the fabric book group and have indicated so on FB. WENT TO THE ? Page and then went back to read the info again about the group, and can’t get back to the ? Page to answer them.
    I would like to make a book for my TAST STITCHES AND beyond Tast
    And would like to know how to go about it and share ideas with others

    Anita Curley
    1. Anita the Facebook group I run is called Fabric books – so to find it or anything you are looking for do a search for that as a group not a page on facebook – the search bar is the blue bar at the top of the screen. Here is a link to the fabric books group – hopefully it will work for you or copy and paste it into your browser navigation bar https://www.facebook.com/groups/1968574283398317/

      The TAST challenge is a case of simply joining in and I always link to the facebook group if you are interested
      – hope this helps

  2. I’m so excited about this! I have been wanting to try the TAST challenge but I didn’t want to start it until I understood how to make it into a book/journal. Knowing I can keep them all together and use it as a reference will be my inspiration for completing all of the stitches. Thank you!

  3. I am hoping you will allow me to be a member so i have a focus and no excuse not to start doing, rather than dreaming. I have only recently learnt the pursuit of perfectionism is beyond a rational attempt to do something well, but is instead a paralysing anxiety . Mistakes are part of learning and gaining knowlege and
    I intend to start creating, “celebrating” mistakes as part of the process.
    With thanks for all your sharing, Lilliana.

    Lilliana Gold
  4. I have made a couple of fabric books and have another in the making, just love making books. Nice to be in touch again, took a few of your online workshops some years ago.

    Maureen Cross
  5. So excited! Such a good idea, I’m looking forward to learning, I love stitching but have never made a fabric book, I can’t wait to see what others are making. Thank you for starting this group X

    Lynne Gifford
  6. Wonderful news! I am a keen embroiderer and also have the Diploma of the Society of Botanical Artists. I have made a marriage between these two arts in my small fabric books. I exhibit locally very frequently, but despite many requests never want to sell or part with any of my pieces. I gift occasionally to special people who will appreciate the nature of the gift. Very best wishes on your venture, and I do so hope you will accept my application to join your group.

    Barbara Russ
  7. This is such a wonderful idea! I have seen some fabric books from afar and have been very curious ever since. I am excited to join the group. I want to learn how to make them.

    Will you have tutorials for the beginner?


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