Take a Stitch Tuesday 2018 Stitch 26

Laced herringbone square Stitch 87
Stitch 26 for the 2018 Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge, is Herringbone Square. Actually, I am throwing two stitches together this week, because if you follow the link to the tutorial, there are also instructions for Laced Herringbone Square Stitch too. Lacing any stitch is always interesting as it gives you an opportunity to experiment with threads as the lacing process does not involve passing the needle through the fabric. This frees you up to try all sorts of thicker threads for the second stage of the stitch. I think it makes for an interesting little motif that can be repeated along a line or arranged in a pattern. Have fun with them both as they are an interesting variation that shows that often, if you take a simple well-known stitch and arrange it in a square, you have a whole different look and feel.

Beyond TAST

This week it is time for another Beyond TAST challenge which I hope readers will find interesting.  As I have said above threading and lacing stitches is an opportunity to explore interesting threads and it is another way to developing texture in a design. It is a load of fun so this challenge is to explore lacing and threading stitches. Try stitches such as Interlaced Cable Chain which was challenge stitch 22. Fancy Herringbone Stitch is a similar stitch but there are also stitches such as Twisted Lattice Band  (stitch 24) or Threaded Cable Chain stitch. Another stitch that is laced or threaded is Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch The idea is to explore these and similar stitches and explore a few of your own. Ask yourself questions such as what happens if you use two rows of Half Chevron and lace it. Or you can try a few rows of Cretan Stitch and lace it with an interesting thread. I am sure you will make all sorts of discoveries. My idea is to encourage readers to push things a little more than following stitch directions. Be inventive and see what happens.

As usual you will have a good stretch of time to really explore and come up with some different approaches in your stitching. Beyond TAST is for those readers who have done TAST before or for people who already know the basic embroidery stitches.


How to take part in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge

If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn how to do Herringbone Square and share what you have learnt. If you are an experienced embroiderer enjoy the Beyond TAST challenge instead.

Where to share

Stitch a sample, photograph it, put in online on your blog, Flickr site, share it in the  TAST facebook group or where ever you hang out online. If you have a blog leave a comment on the Herringbone Square page with your full web address so that people can visit your site and see what you have done.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

Have you seen my book?

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My book The Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design: Simple Stitches, Stunning Results shares detailed practical methods on how to design and make a crazy quilt. Topics such as fabric choice, tricky challenges like balancing colour, texture and pattern, and how to create movement to direct your viewer’s eye around the block are covered in detail. I also explain how to stitch and build decorative seam treatments in interesting and creative ways. My book is profusely illustrated as my aim is to be practical and inspiring.

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