2020 challenge Block 9

2020 challenge Block 9

2020 challenge Block 9I have finished another of the blocks for the 2020 challenge! Block 9 is a more muted block but I have enjoyed doing it.

For those readers who are new to this site let me set this in context for you. The aim of the 2020 challenge, is to make a crazy quilt using 2,020 different items to mark the year 2020. The guidelines, information, and a list of resources for this challenge is here. The fun is in finding and using 2020 different items.

2020 challenge Block 9 unembellishedThis was my starting point for 2020 challenge Block 9. Many people who start crazy quilting get worried over the look of an unembellished crazy quilt block before they start stitching. By the time a block is embroidered and embellished it looks totally different. The stitching adds another layer of visual interest and often by the end of embellishing you barely notice the fabric!  The embellishing pulls a block together. So, if you are new to crazy quilting, don’t fret too much about how a block looks when you begin.

2020 challenge Block 9 patternHere is the basic pattern of my 2020 challenge Block 9. Feel free to use it if it appeals to you. My hexagons have 4-inch sides and measures 8 inches across from point-to-point but you can use this pattern for other sized hexagons too.

Details on my 2020 crazy quilt block 9

The first photograph of details illustrates how I embellished the left side of the block.  Using  DMC #5 perle cotton thread, I lay a foundation of organic like lines using knotted cretan stitch.  To the ends of the arms I added a Detached Chain Stitch (counted on block 1). I stitched seed beads and bugle beads in between the arms of the stitch. I then added some daisies made of Leaf Stitch which were previously counted on Block 4 (and is on page 133 of my book) 

2020 challenge Block 9 detail 1The next detail is similar with the exception of the flower that sits half way up the branch. This was made using 5 flat glass beads that are oval shaped.I arranged them in the circle and stitched a small yellow vintage button in the middle. The daisy button at the base and the strange little bird button on the top of the branch are also vintage.

2020 challenge Block 9 detail 2

The final detail on my 2020 challenge Block 9, is a small seam covered with braid. Along the edge I used clusters of Bullion Knots (counted on block 1) under 3 flower shaped sequins to decorate that area. Finally I dotted 3 butterflies around the block.

2020 challenge Block 9 detail 3So how am I going with my count?

Count on 2020 challenge block 9

Seed beads, bugle beads, and regular perle #8 and perle #5 thread is not counted.

Tally from previous blocks: 212

  • Fabrics: 6
  • Lace and braid: 3
  • Buttons 4: round pale yellow button, the yellow daisy, bird and flower shaped
  • Beads 1: glass oval disk beads that made up the flower
  • Sequins 1: yellow flower shaped
  • Charms 3: butterflies,
  • Threads: 1 silk ribbon
  • Stitches: 2 knotted cretan stitch and daisies made of Leaf Stitch (counted on Block 4 and page 133 of my book)

Total 21 items on my 2020 challenge block 9

2020 challenge block 9 bring the total of items used to date to 233!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my 2020 challenge Block 9.  If you want see my other blocks you can find them under the 2020 Crazy Quilt Category. To find out more about the challenge, you will find the guidelines and list of resources here 

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marking a seam using my stitchers Templates

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    1. No I think some folks just steamed ahead – I am a toddle sort of person and wanted a project that I could do consistently rather than full throttle. We have until the end of 2020 that is 2 years away!


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