New Creative Embroidery group

New Creative Embroidery group

Creative Embroidery projectI have started up a new Facebook group for creative embroiderers. I thought regular readers would like to know about it. The idea behind the Creative Embroidery facebook group is that it is an easy way for stitchers to share ideas, tips, resources, your work in progress, and finally your finished projects. The emphasis or this group, is on creative stitching.  Creative Embroidery is defined as pieces designed by the stitcher. In other words this group is not for projects that are worked from a kit or commercial pattern. There are plenty of other facebook groups that meet those peoples needs.

The Creative Embroidery group is for you to share projects you have designed yourself. This includes freeform projects such as story cloths, stitch-a-day projects, freeform and improvisational stitching or items such as fabric books, fabric postcards, or any design you are working up. All stages of design are suitable to talk about which means your studio journal ideas, colour scheme ideas etc. In short all the creative sparks associated with designing and developing your own pieces. There is already a good number of people in the group and some fantastic work is being shared.

It’s a group some of my readers would enjoy and you will find it as a Facebook closed group called – you guessed it Creative Embroidery!


  1. Hi Sharon, this sounds very exciting. It will be lovely to be able to communicate with other adventurous embroiderers and see what they are doing, and share our work. I will certainly be joining.

    Joan Flynn
  2. Would love to see what people are doing but don’t have a facebook account. I was wondering if there is any way to link it to an Instagram post. I don’t even know if that is possible. Thanks for all you do to encourage us embroiderers.

  3. This sounds wonderful. I have done hand embroidery on an off over the years, as well as machine based appliqy work. I was surrounded by women who were exceptionally skilled. As I am now retiring I hope to take it up again.

    Beth Hull

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