2020 Crazy Quilt block 17

2020 Crazy Quilt block 17

2020 crazy quilt block 17I managed to get 59 different items on my 2020 Crazy Quilt block 17. I decided that I wanted to demonstrate a button cluster as a Crazy Quilt technique but I got a bit carried away. Honestly, it’s a bit much, as there are 25 buttons on it! But I don’t think it ruined the block. If I thought that I would have removed some of them. To see them all clearly click on the image for a larger photo. I did have fun and in the long run that is the main thing.

2020 crazy quilt block 17 unembellishedThis was my starting point for the 2020 Crazy Quilt block 17. Many crazy quilt blocks start out looking doubtful, but by the time a block is embroidered and embellished, it looks totally different. I hope that sharing a photo of the bare block helps beginners to see that the stitching adds another layer of visual interest that can often pull a block together. So, if you are new to crazy quilting, don’t fret too much about how a block looks when you begin. Just keep on stitching!

2020 crazy quilt block 17 patternFeel free to use the block pattern of my 2020 Crazy Quilt block 17 if it appeals to you. My hexagons have 4-inch sides and measure 8 inches across from point-to-point.

The details on my 2020 crazy quilt block 17

The 2020 challenge is to use 2,020 different items on a quilt by the end of the year 2020. Items can appear twice but must only be counted once. An item can be material, lace, braid etc or bead, do-dad, charm etc technique or stitch. To find out more about the challenge, you will find the guidelines and list of resources here. 

2020 crazy quilt block 17 detail 3

I had fun playing with Buttonholed Herringbone on this block. It is worked in an threadworx overdyed perle #8.

2020 crazy quilt block 17 detail 2

In this detail you can see couched eyelash thread and some small lace motifs in the shape of a daisy. You can also see a blue bead encircled with Whipped spokes that are worked in a hand dyed cotton perle #5.

2020 crazy quilt block 17 detail 1The last detail illustrates Laced arrowhead stitch (which is in my next book),  a larger hand dyed lace motif and the beads in the button cluster.

The item count

Seed beads, bugle beads, and regular perle #8 and perle #5 thread is not counted.

  • Fabrics: 6
  • Lace ribbon and braids:3
  • Lace motifs: 2
  • Buttons: 25 ( I am sure this is my record!)
  • Charms: 2
  • Beads: 10
  • Threads: 7
  • Techniques: 1 (a button cluster)
  • Stitches: 3 ( Whipped spokes, Laced Arrow stitch and Buttonholed Herringbone)

Total 59 items on my 2020 challenge block 17

The Tally from previous blocks is 469

2020 challenge block 17 brings the total of items used to date to 528! A quarter of the way to meet the challenge.

A useful resource to manage tracking items

I get many questions about managing and tracking the count of items, as it’s a bit of a task in this challenge to keep track of what you use. I have some wonderful news about a shared resource that helps with this!

Janis Stoker of Journeys With Janis has incorporated all the suggestions I made for things you might count in the challenge and has created a PDF printable to help you keep track of what you use! Janis has generously offered to share it and share.  You can download this printable  here. No strings attached – no email required or anything like that. I would like to thank Janis for making this handy tracking sheet available to the community.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.  If you want to see my other blocks you can find them under the 2020 Crazy Quilt Category.

Have you seen my Stitchers Templates?

marking a seam using my stitchers Templates

As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery, I designed these templates with my fellow stitchers in mind. With my templates, you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

To see what they look like, find out about the free ebook of patterns that come with them visit the information pages in the Pintangle Shop


  1. Hi Sharon
    On the 5th October I broke my arm in three places, and my cast only came off last friday.
    When I have my full use back of my arm I will carry on with my Crazy quilting but cannot see my finishing until in to next year.
    Hope you are well and keeping safe.
    Valerie Rackley

    Valerie Rackley
    1. Hi Valerie No worries I am not going to finish until next year either as I am having trouble with my hands too! ( I stitch too much at the start of lock down and now have to rest them)

  2. Hi Sharon, loved the whipped spokes, it is a technique I use often, but have never put a bead in the middle. Must try it. Also loved the buttonholed herringbone, I’ll have to try that one too. I haven’t put any buttons or charms on my hexis yet. I am leaving them until I am further progressed and can figure out where they will look best. Your work is such an inspiration, and I learn something new every time I check in. Thank you

    Joan Flynn
    1. Hi Diane – the book is at the C&T (same publisher as the last book) and will be released in November (so just before Christmas) It is a book of creative embroidery stitches – with a chapter on how to adapt, add to and improvise, creating variations for a contemporary hand embroiderers. Stuff that can be used in crazy quilting but will be useful for people who just love embroidery too.

    1. I have a range of quilters pens that disappear with either water or they are air erasable. I also use regular quilters marking pencils stitches will cover if the line I mark. It depends on the fabric on the block – what works on one fabric wont work on another – so I have a range in my sewing box that I use all the time.

    1. Paypal will take your Visa card. I only take Paypal for security reasons. I am a small trader and no matter how I try  dont have the ability to protect myself against hackers and credit card thieves the way a large institution like Paypal can. It is safer for you and safer for me and Paypal takes all credit cards.


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