The Frederick Herrschner Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog free online

The Frederick Herrschner Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog free online

Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog screenWhile browsing the net over coffee I made a wonderful discovery while poking around in the Antique Pattern library. I love finding stuff like the Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog produced by Frederick Herrschner in 1907 is a huge 242 page catalogue of embroidery patterns. So, I thought I would share a few screenshots of the sort material you can find in this 3 Pdf download.

Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog screenThese patterns were purchased as paper designs or sometimes printed on linen ready to stitch.

Embroiderers can use this material freely as it is out of copyright but. The Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog is a great visual resource for any designer or those who are starting to develop their own designs. Many of the designs are great jumping off points to adapt or create your own designs. Or, if you look carefully there are elements or parts of a motif that you can simplify it down.  You can use that section alone to work a more contemporary piece.

Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog screenOf course if you need ideas on what stitches to use browse my stitch tutorials here.

Also if you are into printing out vintage imagery on fabric or have interests in junk journaling, digital scrapbooking, digital collage or any of those related paper crafts I loved the old adverts. I smiled at the Duchess And Princess embroidery hoops for between 10 to 15 cents each.

Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog screenWhere do you find it? It is housed on the Antique Pattern library website – just follow this link to the Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog produced by Frederick Herrschner

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Thread Twisties!

Experimenting with different threads can be expensive. You would normally have to buy a whole skein of each type of thread. So I have made up my thread twisties which are a combination of different threads to use in creative hand embroidery. These enable you to try out stitching with something other than stranded cotton. For the price of just a few skeins, you can experiment with a bundle of threads of luscious colours and many different textures.

These are creative embroiders threads. With them, I hope to encourage you to experiment. Each Twistie is a thread bundle containing silk, cotton, rayon and wool. Threads range from extra fine (the same thickness as 1 strand of embroidery floss) to chunky couchable textured yarns. All threads have a soft and manageable drape so that twisting them around a needle makes experimental hand embroidery an interesting journey rather than a battle.  Many are hand dyed by me. All are threads I use. You may find a similar thread twist but no two are identical.

You will find my thread twisties in the Pintangle shop here.


  1. Thank you Sharon, for sharing Herrschner patterns again. I’ve saved the third lot and hope to try some soon. I had the pleasure of embroidering the first three you cleaned up some years ago, using Kiko’s stitch.

  2. Sharon, there is a Herrschner’s needlecraft catalogue over here in the United States. I wonder if it is the same company still in existence?

    Marianne Squire-Maszer
  3. Thank you so much for pointing out this resource. For those of us who love vintage design, the three catalogs will keep us busy at our computer screens with our favorite beverages in hand for quite some time.

    Bernadette Houghton
  4. Thank you so much Sharon for sharing these lovely designs which I will explore whenever I get tired of assembling my 2020 Crazy Quilt. Such a wide range of interesting shapes to try out your stitches on – probably for a 2021 Crazy Quilt. Many thanks again

    June Neal
  5. The designs are gorgeous.. reminds me of my school days learning how to sew.. Much less detail mind you. I think the most extravagant stitch we learned in 1975 ( or there abouts) was lazy daisy.. but
    I loved it..


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