Interviewed for the Stitchery Stories podcast

Interviewed for the Stitchery Stories podcast

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Waving frantically to all my regular readers. I am a little excited to let my regular readers know that I was interviewed by Susan Weeks for her podcast Stitchery Stories. I enjoyed having a great chat with Susan as we ranged over ooddles of stitch related topics. So for those who like to listen while they stitch, grab a cuppa take a break and enjoy the chat.
While you are on the site check out Stitchery Stories for other interviews too. I love stitching while listening to podcasts and listening to other textile artists tell their story is a bonus. So check out Stitchery Stories as she has interviews many interesting people.

Link to my interview on Stitchery Stories


  1. I’ve been looking forward for weeks to listen to your podcast. Finally had time to and loved it! So nice to put a voice with a face (its usually the other way around isn’t it?) Loved all the stories and hearing about how you jumped into coding at the very beginning of the internet’s life. What a task it was, back then, to just get an image of an embroidery stitch up on the internet!

    Patricia Neill-Lafauce
    1. HI Patricia – I am so pleased you enjoyed the podcast and you are right when I think of how long it took (before digital cameras) each stitch was quite an accomplishment


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