Tips and Tricks for National Embroidery Month

Tips and Tricks for National Embroidery Month

screenshotJust a quick heads up. In The US it is National Embroidery Month. As part of the celebrations, Christen Brown has rounded up a number of the C&T authors to share their best Embroidery tips and tricks.

Writers that contributed their best tips are myself, Aimee Ray, author of Doodle Stitching: Embroidery Art, Kathy Seaman Shaw, author of Crazy Quilting Dazzling Diamonds, Brian Haggard, author of Blended Embroidery, Megan Eckman, author of Everyday Embroidery for Modern Stitchers,Irene Schlesinger, author of Artful Embroidery on Canvas and of course Christen Brown author of a number of books about embroidery.
Check out Embroidery Tips and Tricks over on the C&T blog, between all of us I am sure there is something there for even experienced embroiderers will find useful and interesting.

Also a video that I made for the C&T channel was featured at the bottom of the article too! It share close ups of the samples worked for my latest book Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery: Visual Guide to 120 Essential Stitches for Stunning Designs . Here it is below.


    1. sorry Sally no I don’t directly sell my book. It is published by C&T and sold via bookstores (It is not a self published book) You can buy it online via places like booktopia https://www.booktopia.com.au/creative-stitches-for-contemporary-embroidery-sharon-boggon/book/9781617458774.html
      That said there has been such issues with supply that I am thinking of selling it within Australia


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