Finished beaded embroidery

Finished beaded embroidery

Finished beaded embroidery


    1. Gill I start off with placing the beads that will act as a point of emphasis – then some secondary smaller beads to lead the eye. I then establish a couple of linear elements in stitch. I try to hold off with the beads until at least a third of the area is stitched then I just let rip – hope that makes sense. I keep meaning to write a tutorial demonstrtating as I go but don’t get around to it.

  1. I love these colours together. I did my City and Guilds in embroidery twenty years ago and the very first piece I produced was in similar colours. I had never thought to pair the two together and like yours it was a success. I have changed my style since then and love your ‘busy’ pieces. I work in bright colours all the time. Your work is inspiring. Maggie Morris.

    Maggie Morris
  2. I think your bold colours are just perfect. Besides, the blue and orange are complements of each other. I love the beads especially the blue half-moons. Where do you find such unusual beads?

    Brigitte Red
  3. I think the turquoise with the bright orange is a great pairing. I don’t know where (maybe you showed a preview of this item), but I saw those two colors together very recently and thought what a striking combination they made.

  4. This is reminiscent of the US Southwest and it’s lovely! I would never have put these colours together myself and look what I would have missed. I do indeed like it and the choice of beads and stitches is fabulous.

    Bonnie Adie

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