Broad Chain Stitch

Broad Chain Stitch

Broad chain stitch also known as Heavy chain stitch. It creates a solid sewn line which looks like a fine braid. As with most of the chain stitch family it will follow a curve easily and can be worked on even-weave or plain fabrics easily.

How to work Broad Chain Stitch

Broad Chain Stitch step 1

Work this stitch in a downward direction.
The row starts with a reversed chain. Start by sewing a detached chain stitch upside down. Bring the needle out at the base of the detached chain. Leave enough space for one small chain stitch.

Slide the needle under the tie of the chain but not through the fabric. Take the needle back down through the fabric where it came out. You should have two chains tied with the same stitch.

Broad Chain Stitch step 2
Bring the needle out of the fabric further along the line and once again slide the needle under the base of the first chain but not through the fabric and take the needle back down through the fabric where it came out. repeat this so that you have two chain stitches tied by the previous chain stitch.

Broad Chain Stitch step 3

The difference between this stitch and reverse chain stitch is that the needle is passed under the previous two chain loops. In reverse chain the needle passes under just the previous chain.

Broad Chain Stitch step 4Continue down the line. Make sure when you pass the needle under the chains that you do not pick up any fabric.

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