Whipped Wheatear Stitch

Whipped Wheatear Stitch

Whipped Wheatear is similar to Double Whipped Chain stitch. In this variety of Wheatear stitch you can simply whip the wheatear up the central spine like you do in Double Whipped Chain Stitch (checkout the tutorial if you are not sure which version I mean)

Whipped Wheatear stitch creates a strong spiky line that will follow a curve well. The thread you use to whip the foundation line of chain stitches can be different colour or a contrasting texture. Since you are simply whipping the central chain stitches and not taking your thread to the back of the fabric on the second journey you can use many interesting novelty threads or tricky metallic threads. Alternatively, if you simply want a full, strong line up the centre of a spiky line in say for instance a design that has plant like or organic feel to it you can use a thread of the same colour.
You need to know Wheatear stitch as the foundation line is Wheatear. If you need a refresher check out my tutorial here.

How to work Whipped Wheatear Stitch

In this variety of Wheatear stitch, you work in two journeys. The first you lay down a line of Wheatear stitch then you whip both sides of the chain. You do this by working up one side of the line, then working the other. It produces a stitch that looks totally different and is particularly effective if you use a different colour thread.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 1Work a foundation row of Wheatear stitch.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 2To whip the stitch use a blunt-ended tapestry needle to avoid splitting the Wheatear stitches on the foundation row. Bring your needle out at the start of the line and pass it under one side of the first chain stitch. With your needle under the side of wheatear stitch and pointed towards the centre line pull your needle through. At this stage of the process take care not to pick up any of the fabric.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 3Take the needle up to the second Wheatear stitch and repeat. Make sure with each whip stitch you point the needle towards the middle of the stitch and that you pick up only one side.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 4Continue whipping the side of each chain stitch until the end of the line. Now take your thread to the back of the work. Finish the line by tying the thread off at the back of your work.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 5For the next journey, bring your needle out at the start of the line.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 6Repeat the same whipping action along the other side of the foundation wheatear stitches. Once again point your needle to the middle line of the stitch as you pass your needle under each chain stitch. Do not to pick up any of the fabric as you work your way along the line.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch step 7Continue until the line is completely worked.

Whipped Wheatear Stitch completedAs you can see Whipped Wheatear Stitch is fun easy and quickly worked.

If you explore Whipped Wheatear stitch and use Instagram hashtag it #pintangle I would love to see it!

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Enjoy your stitching!



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