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Work in Progress Wednesdays (WIP Wednesdays)  is not exactly a challenge as it is more a support group! The idea started out to encourage people to complete large and/or languishing projects or WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) to complete it.

If you regularly report publicly on a project you are more likely to pick it up and work it a little. Even if it means the project is out and ‘looking at you’ for most stitchers it means they will work it a little. This is ideal for anyone who is working on large things like a hand made crazy quilt or any large stitch project.

What constitutes a Project?

This year I am going to broaden the definition of a project. People can include just about any stitching project such as projects associated with stash busting or UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) or anything you wish to get done. The idea is to share your progress.

How does it Work ?

I want to stress that you do not have to have something finished to post just something done that week! Every week in which you want to participate you need to post photo of how you have progressed on a blog, or one of the free public photo sites like flickr.

Next  come back to Pintangle as each Wednesday there will be a Work in Progress Wednesday post on which you can leave a comment that includes a link to your site or photograph. This is so people can visit and see how you are going!

Can I rotate Projects?

Yes! That is what I do. I rotate between a few big projects so they hold my interest.

Do I have to do it every week?

No you don’t. We all have busy lives and although it is ideal to report in regularly it is not always possible. If you need to take a break just report in when you can.

What about UFO’s (Un Finished projects) 

If you have stalled projects or if you are trying to work through UFOs (Un Finished Objects) or WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) even stash busting on projects that take over 20 hours would fit into this challenge please join in.

Help spread the word

Please link back to Pintangle or this page, so that people hear about it. Help spread the word and others will join.

All my Work in Progress Wednesday reports will be under that category and appear every Wednesday.

Tips on managing large projects

As another resource see my Tips for managing large projects. You might want to make a cuppa and browse them.


  1. A work in progress – not a hussif but a way to hang onto my sewing things when I am trying to stitch in hospital waiting rooms. I think the original inspiration was seen on Gerry K’s blog. As yet it’s not fancy, but without a pattern I wanted to sew up a prototype so as to get sizes and shapes worked out and see if it would “work”.
    Next time I can make it pretty and not just functional


    Beth N in AZ
  2. Hi Sharon, I’ve begun my Hussif collection and posted the result to

    I have a needleroll for needle packets, long wanted to make the Hussif version but never got around to beginning one.
    To have a travel pack ready to go is far better than chasing about gathering at the last minute…and later finding you forgot something.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  3. I think the time has come to join this support group. I need a focus for some of my bigger pieces and this would fit the bill. I have looked at Queeniepatches dedication to the task and it pays off. I have quite a number of pieces on the to do list and some have been there for a while!

    1. Waves to Carolyn and reluctantly agrees that a public declaration to do something means I am likely to get it done… I wish I have the discipline to just do it but its not the case. So welcome aboard!

  4. Your work is beautiful. I want to make a crazy quilt jacket: no lapels or buttons. Do you think I should do one block at a time, sew them togrether then cut out the jacket or cut out the jacket on a backing fabric then do the quilting on the backing fabric? Thanks for your advise. I esteem your work highly.

    1. Phyllis
      I have made a Crazy quilt Jacket – long since gone but instead of piecing blocks I pieced each section of the pattern ie front right side, front left side, back and two sleeves were all pieced and then I hand embroidered the seams and embellished without too many buttons etc and the I stitched them together as a garment, lined the jacket and it was fine! Hope this idea helps

  5. Ah Sharon, you have hit a nerve with me regarding the tidying up – I bought 5 special wooden pieces to go on a block to be made for husband. And now I can’t find them. so a long over due tidy is planned for my space too. I have noticed you have no sewing machine – is everything you produce done by hand stitching?

    Susan in Canberra
    1. Your vase is lovely! I am crazy quilting a messenger bag and planned to make a bouquet of gathered silk ribbon flowers tied with a bow in one section. After seeing your work, I may put them in a vase instead.

  6. I’ve decided to give this a whirl. I have an abundance of WIPs and UFOs. I don’t do surface embroidery but, I do hardanger, cross, drawn and pulled. I have got a rotation going with four of many. This week I am working on The Button Sampler from Nordic Needle’s hardanger club. I will let you know how far I’ve come with this piece on Wednesday.

  7. Sharon: I have been a faithful follower, from not too long ago, without being a participant., but have been saving your posts. This time, I would like to participate, however, I do not know the complete instructions., as to how to begin, what size block to make, and how many, Is there a site where I can get to them? Thank you.

  8. HI Sharon: You have inspired me to start a crazy quilt block! Your work is so special, it really inspires me! I live in upstate NY, USA. It’s great to be able to share our projects this way! Since I have nothing to get started, I have been collecting items from everywhere. So, my project will be a pillow cover for a 30″ x 30″ pillow with an 18″ CQ block in the center. This is large for me as I have never done any CQ before! Is it possible for me to post a picture? Thanks for all you do and I appreciate you sharing your expertise with all of us!

  9. Hi Sharon,

    If you’ve mentioned this before, I missesd it so I wonder if you can fill me in. I looked at today’s (August 8) photo of your block in the hoop–and compared it to the basket and threads around it. Now I wonder the size of your blocks. I see in the Rules that blocks are to be no less than 6″ square, but yours is much larger, I am sure. I wonder how you reach the center area to stitch, if it is a large block/hoop. I can totally see why you are not stitching a whole block every week, along with all else you do online, never mind other stitching.

    Interesting to see how you finish the edges of the block to stabilize them before hooping it. Mine get one line of machine stitching and no trim. Maybe I need to step it up a notch! Thanks for the photo.

    And, I hope I am leaving this comment in the right place. I looked at the blog where today’s WIP is but don’t see the “Leave a Reply” space there.


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