TAST 2010 Week 25 Vandyke Stitch

This stitch is one of those useful stitches that many people don’t get around to exploring but well worth investigating.

Vandyke stitch is traditionally used as a border but by varying the width you can create nice leaf shapes that have a central line.

With Vandyke Stitch keep your tension slightly loose as if you pull the stitches too tightly the center plaited line will not form nicely.

How to work Vandyke stitch

This stitch is worked between two invisible lines. If needed you can mark the outline. I find this stitch works best when you work it from top to bottom.

Bring the thread through from the back of the fabric on the left hand side of the line to be worked.

Make a small horizontal stitch at the centre point between the two edges of the line.

Take your needle through the fabric  and insert the needle on the right hand side of the line.

The thread should make a narrow cross.

Bring your needle out on the left hand side or the line a little below the first stitch.

The next part of the stitch does not go through the fabric as you need to  pass the needle under the crossed threads.

Take the needle to the back of the fabric on the right hand side of the line.

Bring the needle out on the left just below the stitch and continue working down the line.

How to join in. 

Work an example of the stitch. Experiment a bit, photograph it, and put it on your flickr site or write about it on your blog.

Please remember to link back to here so others can find the challenge too.

Come here to this post and leave a comment to tell everyone where your site is. (Click on the title and it will take you to this post on an individual page if you bookmark it you can find it again)

Also now if you leave your full address ie include the http:// bit in your address it will become a link automatically.

Visit a few sites of people who have already left a comment. See what they have done. I am sure everyone will enjoy following the links left in the comments. If you have time, let other people know that you have seen their work on their site.

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Other groups and networks

You can also share your explorations with other members on the social network site of your choice. There is a Facebook TAST 2012 page,   stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site. All these sub groups are set up at request of members.

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15 Responses to TAST 2010 Week 25 Vandyke Stitch

  1. vivian says:

    Posted my sample … liked this one!

  2. nancilyn says:

    I've used this stitch before to make centipedes and seam treatments for CQ. The Flickr group really shows some clever variations for the stitch. A picture of my efforts has been added to the pool.

  3. Sandy Jandik says:

    I have the Van Dyke Stitch on my blog http://focus-on-fiber.blogspot.com It's a fun one. Thanks.

  4. Annet says:

    I finished my sampler for this week and wrote about some of the details on my blog:
    My sampler is on my Flickr-page:

  5. Sue McB says:

    Love this stitch – simple, effective and lots of potential. I see it making wonderful multi-legged beasties, or a big sun if you leave the legs off one side. Sample is on my blog, and the Flickr site. Sue McB


  6. Maureen Bond says:

    Sharon van Dyke stitch is a great little stitch but different to what thought it to be. I have blogged my samples at


  7. artvani says:

    I have posted my trial of Vandyke stitch in my blog http://vani-testblog2.blogspot.com/2010/08/tast-2010-week-25-vandyke-stitch.html and in my flicker account http://www.flickr.com/photos/28121418@N06/4907478242/
    .I feel this stitch is suitable for borders and ferns.I t suits centipedes and millipedes!.I could not do flowers.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    I have posted my week 25 samples. I like this one.
    (I have posted it to my blog http://www.carorose.typepad.com and the Flikr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/56846286@N00/.)



  9. I have also posted my sample of Vandyke Stitch on my blog at:


    regards shirley

  10. I have posted my Vandyke stitch on Flicker at

    I enjoyed this stitch Sharon and feel it has a lot more possibilities.

  11. I've done this one in record time for me and put it on my blog.


  12. Annet says:

    I already used this stitch on my last Crazy Monday block here:
    and on some of my very first crazy ATC’s I made 2 years ago here:
    I added them to the TAST Flickr-group.

  13. viji says:

    This stitch is very interesting and i had given a trial. Can be viewed in my blog
    Thanks for the instructions.

  14. Doreen G says:

    Hi Sharon– here I am -late with one and early with the other.
    I have added both weeks 24 and 25 to my blog–and I am happy with both of them.
    regards Doreen

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