Detached Chain Stitch

sample of detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 1Detached chain is also known as daisy stitch, lazy daisy stitch, tall chain stitch, loop stitch, tied loop stitch, picot stitch and knotted knot stitch,  but don’t let those names lead you into thinking that the only way to use this stitch is in a flower shape. This stitch is often one of the the first that people  learn as it can be used to create flowers and petals but it is not the only way you can use this stitch. It is called detached chain because that is what it is, a single chain stitch.  You can use it to create all sorts of patterns and textures for instance the sample above is stitched on hand dyed Aida cloth. Detached chain stitches are arranged in a grid and sequins are secured with a seed bead in the spaces between the stitches. It is a pattern that you can use to work on a small item such as bag or purse for instance.

sample of detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 2This sample makes a really nice border pattern. The detached chain stitches are arranged in sets of three in a fan shape. The center detached chain stitch is secured with a small chain rather than a straight stitch and I have added seed bead to the head of the stitches. The next sample is worked  be over sequin waste to create a medallion pattern.

How to work Lazy Daisy or  Detached Chain stitch

Bring the needle up through the fabric and hold the thread with the left thumb. Insert the needle as illustrated, so that the point emerges a short space away.

step by step instructions on how to work detached chain the lazy daisy stitch With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric.

step by step instructions on how to work detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 2To fasten the loop make a small straight stitch.

step by step instructions on how to work detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 3As you can see it is a stitch easily worked in a circle to create flower shapes.

step by step instructions on how to work detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 4The next 2 samples are Detached chain used in crazy quilting.

sample of detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 3In this sample  detached chain is combined with straight stitches and seed and novelty beads to work along the edge of lace. The thread I used was cotton perle #5.

sample of detached chain the lazy daisy stitch 5

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  3. Laura says:

    Detached Chain Stitch added to the table runner. Tried for a double detached chain with some gold to give it a little sparkle:

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  5. I am stitching on paper as my challenge. The first 7 stitches are at this post. (I am posting once a month.)
    Sandy in the UK
    PS.I have had a hard time for this to post! this is the 3rd browser attempt.

  6. regina drumond says:

    Thank you for this beautiful stitch

  7. regina drumond says:

    I like much to do this stitch…and l have learned much more
    with your clear instructions…Thank you

  8. Marie says:

    I combined several TAST stitches that I missed into one project:

  9. Sharon Griffith says:

    I finally did get my Lazy daisy stitch pic up. I thought i had it there but there must have been a glitch so I just posted it again.. Please go here if you want to take a gander…thanks Sharon

  10. Bernice says:

    IWeek 7 Detached Chain stitch was a new one for me as I had only done chain and daisy stitch. My blog is

  11. Liana D says:

    Hi Sharon,

    haven't been able to do much embroidery the last few weeks… At least I'm still persevering with my sampler.

    Here are some pics – end of week 7. A bit disappointing, though.
    I'll be uploading to Stitching Fingers shortly.

    Best (and thanks, again)

  12. Karrin Hurd says:

    I am down to the wire on this one. I wanted to post mine before I go to work this morning. My examples of detached chain can be seen here:

  13. Andi says:

    My lazy daisy / detached chain stitches:

    My daughter wouldn't let me post hers again this week… she is such a perfectionist. I'm going to have to work on her! She tried several individual stitches, and then made a little daisy out of pink perle cotton.

  14. Susan says:

    I've just done something small for the Detached Chain Stitch, and finished the block it's on. Nothing earth-shattering, but I'm just learning the stitches. I'm amazed and awed by the work some of you do!

  15. Dianne says:

    Hi Sharon and all, there seemed to be a problem with my blog overnight but it seems to be all fixed now. Like a lot of the others, I have been working detached chain stitch for many years. I enjoyed making my little picture with it. It is here on my blog:

  16. Tine says:

    Hi Sharon ! I'm a new hands and it's the first time I make the tast. I love your blog, thanks for all, I can learn embroidery and english too !
    My sample is on my blog:

  17. chitra gangadharan says:

    Hi Sharon, \my completed dtached chain sampler is on my blog-

  18. Kathy R says:

    I am getting frustrated. I am keeping up with TAST. My camera does not want to work. GRRRRR…. When I get it fixed, there will be lots of stitches to see.

  19. A very small bit of my Tast on my blog.This is a small mixture of the past few weeks.

  20. libbyQ says:

    i'm another one of those who knew this stitch as a lazy daisy.
    it's good to learn the proper names as we go along.
    my work with this stitch are here:


  21. Jen says:

    How fun, I made a wildflower garden with mine, wishing for spring!!

  22. Suztats says:

    I didn't know the lazy daisy stitch was also called the detached chain stitch. Here's my practice piece:

  23. maneki says:

    I haven't written my "offical TAST post of the week" yet (and probably won't until next week), but you can already see some of my chain stitches in this post:

    It's a round-up of all the TAST stitches I've done so far in my aurica yarn. It's the same pic as the one I posted in the Flickr group.

  24. Annet says:

    I didn't experiment much, but here's my post about this stitch:

  25. marjolein says:

    As you probably know I am in the middle of a Pebble Adventure. Tha lazy daisy stitch is used to embroider some beads in the project. Here is the link:

  26. Brigitte Otto says:

    You can find my detached chain stitch block here:

  27. Pippa Price says:

    Oh this so much fun. week 7 posted on my blog.

  28. hopscotch says:

    Finally finished my sample of detatched chain! I always thought of this stitche as boring – not any more 🙂

  29. This week's sample is finished. I have blogged at and posted to the Flikr site

  30. I didn't get a lot of time for stitching this week but I am quite happy with what I did and I can see a lot of potential in using this stitch in the future. There's a photo on my blog:

  31. Ingrid says:

    This week's stitch came out surprisingly simple and effective.

  32. Kay Warner says:

    Just a little bit of detached chain posted on my blog.


    The first stitch grandma taught me. I think of her whenever I stitch it.

  34. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon & Everyone!
    My post for the week.
    Happy Carnival for all!

  35. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon & Everyone!
    My post for the week.
    Happy Carnival for all!

  36. Ranjana says:

    Thanks Sharon, for helping to get back to hand embroidery. My work is here

  37. Valerie L says:

    You can see my most recent work on my blog:

    I got my Chevron Stitch finished late, but I just finished the Detached Chain Stitch.

  38. Hi Sharon, absolutely loved this stitch, this is my sample for week 7, you can
    find it here !

  39. Diane says:

    Certainly an old favorite. Memories. Sitting on the floor with a hoop, some variegated floss and a printed pillowcases. Old songs. Chain, chain, chain of fools. Unchain my heart. I hope someone stitched those lyrics.


  40. Patricia Gellon says:

    Hi Sharon
    I skipped a few weeks, but I'm back on track, I'll catch up with the weeks missed. here is my Detached chain sample. Thanks. Patricia

  41. Marg B says:

    Unbelievably I am two days earlier than usual. I can't say Detached Chain filled me with masses of inspiration but I tried a couple of variations of use – pictures on


  42. Raji Saj says:

    I learned a new technique using lazy daisy see here

  43. Arlene says:

    A busy week, so I've posted some photos of works in progress on which I've used detached chain stitch. There's even a beaded version.


  44. Sara Hansson says:

    loved this stitch – so came in with my samples well on time this week :0)


  45. Lucy Landry says:

    I am loving this challenge. I've got more animals this week.

  46. isabelle says:

    I finally finished. Hard to get out of the idea of ??flower with this



  47. Queeniepatch says:

    I see that I am not the only one who find this a favourite stitch! Easy to make, usually well-behaved and so versatile it is no wonder we all love it. I enjoyed Week 7 very much.
    My contribution is here:

  48. Shami Immanuel says:

    My trial for this week's challenge is here:

    It is nice to learn a new stitch or exploring the known stitch every week. Feel like doing something useful being a home maker. Thanks for running this challenge.

    Shami Immanuel.

  49. Viv Estill says:

    I've posted my Detached Chain Stitch on my blog at

  50. Good evening ! I've completed my 7th weekly challenge. Here are the photos and details
    Please pay me a visit ;o)

  51. Carol Harper says:

    Here's mine:

    It looks a lot better where I used it on a crazy quilt block here: … A row of "flowers" in the top left corner and little daisies on the yellow-orange ribbon in the middle….

  52. chitra gangadharan says:

    I have started exploring this stitch on even weave cloth- my blog-
    thanks, Sharon

  53. crazypatch says:

    Voici terminé mon travail de la semaine. vous pouvez voir le résultat sur mon blog… et encore merci pour ce défi….

  54. Maureen bond says:

    My samples are on my Flickr site this week

    There are some of my Tast 1 samples at

  55. Ina says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I'd created a mirror/shisha work out of this stitch-

  56. I love this simple stitch and made a simple design on a pin cushion. I have blogged about it here
    Thank you Sharon

  57. Sue Duffy says:

    Here are the links to some of my detached chain stitches – one of my favorites!
    On Flicker at:
    or on stitchin fingers at:

  58. I love this stitch.
    Of course this is the first stitch i learnt long long ago.
    Of course a beautiful stitch.
    Thanks Saron B making me do various stitches by your TAST 2012 and waiting every week to know about stitches.
    I exihibited my old collection and like to try a new piece soon.

  59. Maggi says:

    This is definitely my favourite and I have put a piece that I completed a little while ago on my blog. It is based on a technique by Jean Littlejohn.

  60. Christina says: on my blog for the results of week 7. Not my favourite stitch, but the variations are almost endless, and there are a lot of those I like. Didn't do much on that front, just used the plain detatched chain stitch in different forms. Looking forward to see other people's work.

  61. Angela says:

    I love the lazy daisy stitch! It is one that I use often as it is one of the first stitches I learned. It made wonder just how long ago that was! Somethings are better left unsaid!! You can check out what I did here
    thanks for looking!

  62. chitra gangadharan says:

    It is nice to have this detcahed chain stitch again. I worked this stitch to create patterns last time, this time around,I thought this stitch can be used on even weave cloth. still in the thinking stage.
    my earlier experiments with this stitch.

  63. Liz Adams says:

    I was ahead of the game, since I love this stitch and wanted to show how I'd incorporated it in my big silk piece which I dyed then went back into, to "paint" with stitches. To see what I was up to, go here:

    I love this challenge! it's lending more structure to the otherwise lonely work in the studio! thank you, Sharon.

  64. Romona says:

    Hi Sharon, My week 7 stitch is done. As always I kept it small to allow me at the end to put all my fabric pages together in a journal format. My piece is on my blog now.
    Thanks so much, Romona

  65. I finally managed to do the sample on a Tuesday! Whilst it was still light too! I can't promise this will happen ever again, but you never know. Strange things happen daily… – this is my post with the last 3 weeks worth of TAST samples, even though they're not very exciting!=)

  66. Christine says:

    Nice stitch for this week! Stitched with spring colors to fight again winter, snow,ice…. Pictures here on my blog

  67. Wendy says:

    Chain stitch seemed perfect for the centre of this motif, it is very much a work in progress

  68. konnykards says:

    I think this was probably the first stitch I used as a child, 60+ years ago – always a favourite and to me it is a daisy stitch!
    I didn't add a new piece in the 2007 challenge, but collected together old favourites,
    I'll probably add one of the old pieces and a small new one to my new narrow Sampler. Connie.

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