Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 33

sample of hand embroidered Pekinese stitch over ric rac

This week the challenge for take a stitch Tuesday is Pekinese stitch

It is a very simple stitch which can be loads of fun to work particularly if you play with contrasting threads and textures.

It is also a great finishing stitch around the edge of items like fabric postcards, ATC (Artist Trading Cards)  bags, purses, needle books or pin cushions. Anything small that requires a tidy edge.

sample of hand embroidered Pekinese stitch

The stitch can follow a curve well as it is based on Back stitch.

hand embroidery pekinese stitch sample

Once again the challenge is:

For new hands to learn the stitch


If you are an experienced stitcher take the stitch and push it a little further in a creative manner or combine this stitch with one of the stitches already covered in TAST 2012. If you have worked a sample in a previous challenge feel free to post a link in comments as it will inspire people but if you have time do try another sample and do something different and new!

How to join in

Stitch a sample,  take a photograph of it, put in online in your blog, flickr site or on stitchin fingers page, swing by here and leave a comment with your full web address so people can visit and see your sample.

Any special rules?

There are no rules but I do have a request, please link back here.

Interesting work will be featured

Each week I will feature samples that participants have stitched order to draw attention to creative and interesting work. This means some work will be re-published. I will credit and link to the owners website but I assume that when you leave your link here, I have your permission to feature your work. If you do not want your work to be featured please say in the comment, you leave and I wont include it in the feature.

Further information

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Other groups and networks

You can also share your explorations with other members on the social network site of your choice. There is a Facebook TAST 2012 page,   stitchin fingers group and the flickr TAST site. All these sub groups are set up at request of members

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38 Responses to Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 33

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I have been on stitchfree vacation for the the past six weeks. restarting my weekly sampler with pekinese stitch, the details are here-
    Thank you,

  2. leelagovind says:

    hi sharon
    i was too late this time..but i tried to catch up..here is my sampler for pekinese stitch..

  3. Julie says:

    I am back!!! I hope to stay! It has been a rough past 4 months, with losing both my Mom and my Mother in Law! Things are calming down a bit, so I sat down last night and did my Pekinese Stitch! I love it soooo much! How fun!!!
    Here is the link to my attempt: http://asucculentlife.blogspot.com/2012/08/tast-pekinese-stitch.html
    Thanks, Sharon!!!!!

  4. Hi, All,
    Nursing my husband who has a bad back, so very late adding my sample!
    Still need to add a couple more details


  5. Ann says:

    This was a fun stitch to learn and I know I’ll use it again in the future:


  6. Bernice O says:

    I enjoyed learning the Pekinese stitch. http://timeusebybernice.wordpress.com/

  7. Julie JC says:

    Trying to get going again. Here is my post about a Pekinese experience I have had.


  8. Carol Harper says:

    Haven’t gotten around to stitching yet but I did do this stitch once before a long long time ago, on a pillow of my own design: http://thatyankstitches.multiply.com/photos/album/2/My-Pre-2001-Stitchery#photo=19 There are three “swirls” and one circle outline in this stitch but until this week, I didn’t know what it was called!

  9. Liz Eph says:


    dear sharon,
    i rather fancied experimenting with texture here. and incorporated a couple of souvenirs, using fine ribbon from my sister, ribbon from a present, and a piece of wire that i rather fancied when my daughter took her old computer to pieces !
    love from liz xx

  10. Annet says:

    I enjoyed experimenting with Pekinese stitches again, I wrote about it on my blog:

  11. Mariainez L. Ribeiro dos Santos says:

    Here´s my weekly work.I enjoyed a lot to do this stitch.
    Thank you

  12. Hi Sharon,
    Lots of false starts with this stitch but in the end I found a way to use it.
    I wrote about the process on my blog,
    And posted an image in the Flickr group
    Have a nice week.

  13. Jeannette says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Here’s a Pekinese stitched sunrise that was fun to do:

  14. Lucy Landry says:

    My weekly sample:
    Sharon, I’ve been enjoying this weekly immersion into stitching tremendously. Thanks so much for sponsoring TAST.

  15. Hi Sharon,
    I am on a visit to India. missed last week’s stitch and started late on this week’s stitch. my trials are on my blog-
    Thank you,

  16. Kathy says:

    Here is my sampler page and a small sample from a few years ago.


  17. Gayle Schipper says:

    This was a new stitch for me, but was great fun to work on. I guess this is where I became a TAST drop out the first 2 times. I WILL make it to the end this time!


  18. Maureen Bond says:

    This is a great stitch. I have better photos of my Tast 1 effort as well as 2 new samples at

    Sharon thank you for the Highlight last week, I just found it today.

  19. Claudia says:

    Hi Sharon and all, the stitch was new for me, I enjoyed trying this stitch. Here is my exercise: http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/photo/tast33-pekinese-stitch?context=latest

  20. Faith says:

    Here’s mine for this week … so far. I’ll try to read some others later today.

  21. Hi Sharon, lovin this one……had a ball with it !
    You can see my sample here…………………..
    Chris richards

  22. christine says:

    Nice stitch this week! You can see it here: http://6stem5.canalblog.com

  23. Laurel says:

    This was the perfect stitch to create a keepsake for some friends who just got married. Thanks, Sharon.

  24. KathrynK in Blacklick says:
  25. I find this stitch easy and interesting.
    Can be view at

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