Linked Double Chain Stitch Tutorial

Linked Double Chain Stitch Tutorial

I found Linked double chain stitch in an old embroidery book called  The Batsford encyclopaedia of embroidery stitches by Anne Butler. If you ever find this book in a secondhand store it is well worth picking it up if priced reasonably.

Linked Double Chain step 1Linked Double Chain is an interesting variety of chain stitch. If you are a beginner you might like to make sure you are familiar with chain stitch and with twisted chain stitch since Linked double chain consists of two chain stitches worked side by side which are then linked with a twisted chain. This combination is worked to form a line.

How to work Linked Double Chain stitch

To work the stitch, start with a single very open chain stitch. It is a bit sloppy-looking as you can see.

Linked Double Chain step 2Next, work a second chain next to the first. Make the stitch so that the two stitches are side-by-side.

At this stage, they look a little like buttonhole stitches.

Bringing the point of the needle out a short space down the line to be stitched. Cross the thread over the needle, then wrap the thread under the needle’s point.


Linked Double Chain step 3Pull the needle through the fabric.

What you are doing is working a twisted chain stitch into the base of the first two stitches.

If you are unfamiliar with twisted chain stitch you will find the directions here

At this point, it should look like this.

Linked Double Chain step 4

Next work two chain stitches side by side emerging from the base of the Twisted Chain.

Continue along the line in this manner.


Linked Double Chain step 5This is a marvellous stitch, as it will follow a curve well and lends itself to all sorts of interesting experimentation.

You can widen the chain stitches and play with spacing

It looks particularly effective if you use a thread with a firm twist.

Silk ribbon also works well with this stitch. Why not try embellishing it with beads too!

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this stitch.

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    From the beginning I thought, “finally a stitch I don’t like.” I struggled to find inspiration for it all week. And so what do I do?–Sink myself in way too deep. Borders, leaves, branches, a bird…..trying different threads and fibers. I just wahted to be done with this—until I got to the beading. Then I decided I like this stitch. Maybe it was in seeing the finish line, I don’t know. Each week I’m challenging myself to do 1 whole sampler using just that stitch. Some stitches just aren’t made for this, but I want to make a fabric book of stitches, at least one page per stitch. So there you have it……sinking myself in week after week now.

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