How Hand Embroider Triangular Feather Stitch

Triangular Feather Stitch is a variety of feather stitch. I am sure my readers who do crazy quilting will find it interesting and it is a fun stitch to add a bead to.

How to work Triangular Feather Stitch

I found Triangular feather stitch in a book by Edith John titled Creative Stitches. It is a quick stitch to work once you get in the rhythm of it. I am sure it is a very versatile stitch too as it is a member of the feather stitch family!

To work this stitch you need a basic working knowledge of feather stitch.

Triangular Feather Stitch step 1

Work this stitch between two imaginary parallel lines from top to bottom.

To start this stitch work two regular feather stitches.  Bring your needle out on the right hand side of the line. Move to the left and insert your needle with the point emerging directly below as illustrated.

Triangular Feather Stitch step 2

With the thread under the needle pull your needle through.This completes your first single feather stitch. Move downward and to the left and make another single feather stitch.

Triangular Feather Stitch step 3Take your needle to the right and insert it where your thread emerged on the first feather stitch. Look at the illustration and position the needle as illustrated. The needle should emerges on the right hand side and lower than the base of the second feather stitch.

Triangular Feather Stitch step 4With the thread under the needle pull your needle through.

Triangular Feather Stitch Continue this way down the line. It looks a little complex but once in the swing of it you will find it easy.

I hope you enjoy Triangular Feather Stitch

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24 Responses to How Hand Embroider Triangular Feather Stitch

  1. pam says:

    Beautiful presentation! Wish I had found this just a couple days earlier – would have been a perfect stitch to complete a embroidered, felted egg I am working on.

    But – I am sure I will sone find another use for this stitch! Thank you so much!

  2. Gayle says:

    Love this stitch! It is a great one for embellishing. I put a picture on my flickr site:

  3. gailllc says:

    Working through last year’s list: Cretan stitch samples. I’m going to have to jump on this Triangular Feather stitch, though!

  4. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon & Friends.
    My post for the week. Thank you all!

  5. I can see possibilities for this stitch. My not quite accurate sample is here.

  6. farah deeba says:

    Hi Sharon, my work is here

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Another finished. This one took on a life of it’s own. I blogged the details
    and posted an image to the Flickr group.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. ValerieL says:

    Here is my stitch sample for this week and one for last week. I love what you can do with the Triangular Feather stitch. I probably wouldn’t have tried this out on my own so thank you, Sharon, for using this stitch.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Excited to start this stitch sampler today, the details-

  10. Diane says:

    A bit tricky to work around the diamond shape, but it works to balance the black shapes on the other panel.

  11. Shami Immanuel says:

    Here is my sample for this weeks stitch. I have tried herringbone band and Triangular feather stitch. Enjoyed doing it. My link is:

  12. Angela says:

    This stitch was new to me. I love learning new things! Thanks Sharon

  13. Rita says:

    What fun! Looks like a bear claw to me. Will use in my next CQ.

  14. Claudia says:

    Hope, you will soon have managed all these problems!
    The stitch really looks nice. I never would have learnt all those stitches without TAST. Thanks, Sharon!

  15. Annet says:

    This stitch looks great, I’ve never seen it before. No weekly post with old stitches this time, this stitch is new to me! I’m looking forward to experiment with it.

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